Today marks one year since I started writing Cody H.

A whole year. Wow. It doesn’t seem like that long, to be honest. It feels more like I’ve just started. Even though I finished the first draft over a month ago, it hasn’t really sunk in yet: I’ve written a novel. Holy hell. 76,000+ words. 

Maybe the reason that I’m not as happy with myself as I should be is that I still have a long way to go. Editing is a bitch. Then after that comes marketing and publication. I’ll be happy when all of that is done with. For a short time, at least. Then I’ll get right to work on my next novel.

On that subject I have a few ideas. Obviously, Cody. H. 2 is one of them. A second idea involves expanding the idea of the ‘hierarchy’ that I used a few times during the s3c0ndh4nd era. Remember that? Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower Class? Right. Well I’ve been thinking: What if there was a school that was really like that? What if that school had a new student enter it? What would his or her perspective be? It’s an idea that I’d really like to develop more, so stay tuned for information regarding that. Something else that I would like to do is write a Peter Pan story from the first-person perspective. Out of every character I’ve ever seen in movies, books, T.V., and video games, Peter Pan is my favourite. He’s the one character that I wish I could call my own. The author’s copyright expired just recently, so I’m in the clear to write a new story. But, I probably won’t. Peter Pan is sacred to me; untouchable. If I do decide to do it, it’ll be a long time from now.

But I digress. This blog was supposed to be about Cody. He’ll get jealous if I talk about Peter any longer.

To me, Cody is a real person. To hell with anyone who tries to tell me that he’s a figment of my imagination. When I’m walking alone, I can see him walking along with me. When I’m running cross country, he’s running along with me. He’s a good runner though, so even though he’s five years younger, he can still outrun me if he wants to. But he doesn’t. He goes slower so that he doesn’t leave me behind. He sits beside me in Law class too. He doesn’t understand what the teacher is saying, so he’s always making jokes and distracting me, but I don’t mind. It keeps my mind off of other things.

My hope is that one day Cody will be as real to everyone else as he is to me. That’s why I’m writing about him.