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How Did We Get Here?

I want to know when we grew up.
Do any of you remember being eight years old? I don’t know who’s reading
this, so I’ll say that it could be anywhere from eight to twenty years since
you’ve been eight years old, but please try to remember.
I think that was my favourite time. We never had problems then like we do
We didn’t think about girls then. Alcohol was for grown-ups, and smoking
was disgusting.
Maybe I missed out on a memo or missed a train or something, but everything
completely passed me by. I was trying to enjoy my childhood while everyone else
around me was growing up. I was being a kid while everyone else was being a
It’s crazy. These people, people whom I’ve known for three or five or ten
years, are talking casually about their latest drug filled escapades. How am I
supposed to handle it? I used to talk to these people about nothing and
everything that ever mattered. Plans for next recess, trading lunches, hockey,
video games… dreams.
It was amazing back then. Have you ever lain down on a grassy hill with your friends
and looked up at the clouds? You point to the heavens and try to identify the
shapes of the various clouds, but eventually the conversation tapers off and you
find yourselves just lying down silently. But nothing needs to be said. It’s
such a profound experience that it transcends the human need for communication.
There’s nothing to be said that isn’t already said by the sound of rustling
leaves, by the feeling of the damp grass soaking into your pants, by the gentle
breeze flowing through your hair, by the simple fact that you’re sharing such an
amazing experience with your best friends in the whole world.
But the years have passed by, and I’ve found myself with fewer and fewer
grass laying friends. Slowly, those grass laying friends have transformed into
grass smoking friends. Those sips of fresh air that used to satisfy us have been
replaced by sips of vodka. We’d much rather have a girl lying underneath us than
They would, anyhow. As for myself, I can’t stand any of it.
It hurts that so many of my friends have decided to grow up. It is
exceedingly difficult to relate to them any longer. As I have written a few
times on this space over the years, the first law of nature is thus: Adapt,
or become extinct.
The choice is usually easy. But what happens when nature pressures you to
adapt to a form which you detest?
When did we grow up? Who decided that this was the best way for us to go?
How in the hell did we get here?

Plaguarism the Second

Last year at this time I took the blog entry entitled "The Third Task..", took five minutes editing it for format, and then handed it in as an essay. I got 85%, which was pretty good given that English isn’t my strong suit.
Tomorrow, I’m going to be applying a similar treatment to "RANT #7: The Block Button"
Granted, there will be a little more editing this time around; I can’t exactly say "fuck", even in an essay with an informal tone. Also granted, my English teacher this year is a bastard who rarely gives 85%, but hey, I’ll have to make due, right? 
I really wish I had time to blog more, but school has been a bugger, and I should really do some editing work lest Cody nag me in my dreams.
Oh, here’s something interesting: The school musical this year is entitled "Damn Yankees" How amazing is that? If you know me, you know that the Yankees are my least favourite organization in all of professional sports. I hate them more than the Oilers and Canucks combined. This play will allow me to shout "Those damn Yankees!" multiple times on stage in front of a few hundred people.
That’s awesome, with a capital "AWE"

One Year of Awesome

Today marks one year since I started writing Cody H.

A whole year. Wow. It doesn’t seem like that long, to be honest. It feels more like I’ve just started. Even though I finished the first draft over a month ago, it hasn’t really sunk in yet: I’ve written a novel. Holy hell. 76,000+ words. 

Maybe the reason that I’m not as happy with myself as I should be is that I still have a long way to go. Editing is a bitch. Then after that comes marketing and publication. I’ll be happy when all of that is done with. For a short time, at least. Then I’ll get right to work on my next novel.

On that subject I have a few ideas. Obviously, Cody. H. 2 is one of them. A second idea involves expanding the idea of the ‘hierarchy’ that I used a few times during the s3c0ndh4nd era. Remember that? Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower Class? Right. Well I’ve been thinking: What if there was a school that was really like that? What if that school had a new student enter it? What would his or her perspective be? It’s an idea that I’d really like to develop more, so stay tuned for information regarding that. Something else that I would like to do is write a Peter Pan story from the first-person perspective. Out of every character I’ve ever seen in movies, books, T.V., and video games, Peter Pan is my favourite. He’s the one character that I wish I could call my own. The author’s copyright expired just recently, so I’m in the clear to write a new story. But, I probably won’t. Peter Pan is sacred to me; untouchable. If I do decide to do it, it’ll be a long time from now.

But I digress. This blog was supposed to be about Cody. He’ll get jealous if I talk about Peter any longer.

To me, Cody is a real person. To hell with anyone who tries to tell me that he’s a figment of my imagination. When I’m walking alone, I can see him walking along with me. When I’m running cross country, he’s running along with me. He’s a good runner though, so even though he’s five years younger, he can still outrun me if he wants to. But he doesn’t. He goes slower so that he doesn’t leave me behind. He sits beside me in Law class too. He doesn’t understand what the teacher is saying, so he’s always making jokes and distracting me, but I don’t mind. It keeps my mind off of other things.

My hope is that one day Cody will be as real to everyone else as he is to me. That’s why I’m writing about him.

Two Weeks of Awesome

 Two weeks of grade twelve are now in the books, and I can only say that thus far almost everything is exactly as I planned it.

I haven’t really increased my effort from last year, I’ve just changed my strategy slightly. Maybe that’s been a factor in my improved quality of life, but I think that most of it has just been dumb luck.
I feel a bit bad, actually. The Law of Conservation of Luck states that for all the good luck I’ve been having, someone in the world has been having a really crappy time. Not only that, but the Law of Karma states that everything is going to come crashing down on me in a big way within the next week or so.  
Chilling. But for now, I’ll gladly take what I’ve been given.
Film Club? I just joined this for the opportunity to create film, but as it happens there’s "Film Appreciation" aspect to it as well. That means that we went to the Film Festival for the morning. Awesome.

Cross Country? Joined. Yeah, the ninth graders are faster than me, but hey, at least I’m trying. The first race of the year is on Wednesday, and once again I’ll have run up that damn ski hill.

Amazingly enough, people are actually starting to take notice of me writing a novel. It’s not like I’ve been shamelessly flaunting it around or anything. People are just noticing on their own. I pretend not to care, but the look on their faces when I tell them that I’m editing my novel… I really enjoy it. People are impressed with me for the first time in my high school career, and it feels great.

I think the best time was when one of the seventh graders asked me about it. He told me he’d buy it, and that he’d tell everyone ‘I know the guy who wrote this!’ That made my day.

The one problem I always have is when people ask me what the novel is about. I never know what to say. I feel the need to mention that it’s a kid’s book. Then I feel the need to clarify that I don’t mean that it’s for three year olds. Then I stumble clumsily over a synopsis, often leaving out key bits. I guess it doesn’t matter much, but I feel as though I should have this sort of thing nailed, seeing as the novel is written by me.

Getting back to my main point, life has been pretty swell. Nothing mind-blowingly awesome has happened, but a bunch of little things have. My locker is in a great place. My teachers are all competent. Little homework thus far. A bunch of other stuff too. It’s all been great. I just hope that life doesn’t come crashing down on me.

But hey, hockey season is around the corner, and the Suite Life on Deck is premiering soon. Whatever comes next can’t be that bad, right?


Last Day

We’re now onto the final few hours of summer break. How do I feel about
starting the final year of high school?
Nervous, mostly. I have less than 300 days left to achieve everything I set
out to do as a high school student. Will I get it all accomplished? Probably
not. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try. So, here’s a quick top 10 list of goals.
I’m putting it here for myself, so that I can look back on it in case I forget
anything as the year goes on, but if you want to know what’s inside my head,
read on.
1. Get my novel published – Number one priority. This is everything to me.
In a lot of ways, it has nothing to do with high school, but in a lot of other
ways it has absolutely everything to do with high school.
2. Try out for a school team – I’m thinking baseball.
3. Get cut from a school team – If you’re a guy, you haven’t truly
experienced high school unless you’ve been cut from a team. Of course, this goal
should be substituted for goal four if possible.
4. Make a school team – Unlikely, but if somehow I don’t get cut from the
baseball team, I’ll be quite happy with myself. Of course, I haven’t played in a
few years, so the rust is building up within me.
5. Film Club – Write and/or direct the first film made by said club this
year, and have it do reasonably well in the international youth film festival.
Ambitious much? Sure, given my lack of screenwriting experience. But hey, I’ve
written a novel. A short film couldn’t possibly be more difficult, right?
– And as for the directing, that’s secondary. There are people more suited
to that role than me. If I still get the job, awesome.
6. Destination Imagination – Not only am I going to take part in this for
the first time, but despite my lack of experience I’m going to help the team
finish in the top three in the world. Again, ambitious much?
-We generally have a good team, capable of finishing top 5 or 10 in the
world anyhow. Unless I somehow handicap the team and ruin them with my lack of
experience, we should be a contender for world #1.
7. Cross Country – I’m not going to make any huge goals for this one. I
haven’t improved much from last year. I’m unlikely to even finish in the top
100, much less have my score actually count in any of the races. Still, my goal
for this will be to at least participate and finish every race.
8. The School Musical – The rumors and stereotypes are all true: Members of
the stage crew aren’t well respected by anyone. So, for this year I’m going to
try to get an onstage role.
– It’s a musical, which requires singing, right? I can’t sing. That said,
there might be a non singing role or two for me to take a stab at (I don’t care
what anyone says; I’m a fantastic actor), and if not, I’ll be one of the chorus
members. That way I won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Failing both of those,
I’ll go backstage again. Despite the rudeness directed towards the crew at
times, last year was still an awesome experience, and I’ll be damned if I don’t
try it again.
9. Find some way to apologize to Camilo.
– Have I used his actual name on here before? Not sure. That’s "Kid", in
case you’re wondering. I realize that maybe he’s being a bit immature by not
even looking in my direction, but I don’t blame him. I’d probably do the same.
But the fact is that even 17 months later, I still feel terrible about what I
did. After the school year ends, we probably won’t see each other ever again,
and I really don’t want to leave things as they are. You know that last blog
where I tried to explain how scared I am of some people? He scares me more than
anyone else. I probably won’t be able to fix things… but I have to at least
10. Debate Team – One of the classic nerd clubs. Do I dare? I’m not sure
yet. This is the lowest priority, but if I have the time and energy, I’ll do it.
I hate the night before the first day of school. My biological clock is
used to being awake from 11 am to 3 am. Now suddenly I have to adjust to a 6:30
am to 11 pm schedule. That can’t be done in one night, so for the next few hours
I’ll be tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep no matter how hard I try.
Maybe nerves have a bit to do with it too. The first day at my school lasts
from 8:30 am to 8:40 am. Ten minutes, that’s it. But those ten minutes determine
a good deal of how the next ten months of classes will progress. Will I get good
teachers? Will I have friends in my classes? Where will my locker be? Which
lunch period will I have? All of these questions will be answered in those ten
minutes. Everything could go perfectly, but on the other hand, everything could
go terribly wrong, and then I’ll have to live with it for the next ten months.
Seeing friends again is great, but it also makes me sort of nervous. I
never know what to say to these people who I haven’t seen for three months.
I hope everyone hasn’t changed too much. The first day of school in grade
10 wasn’t too bad because everyone looked more or less the same as they did in
grade 9. On the other hand, the first day of grade 11 was creepy. Some people
had somehow grown six inches during the summer. I used to be average height for
my age, but in grade 11 I was a shrimp. Hopefully not too many people have
sprouted up in this summer. I don’t think I could handle being a super-shrimp.
And now I’m rambling. I’m going to try to head off to bed now. Maybe by
some miracle I’ll fall asleep before two. Maybe. Wish me luck.