So mates, I’m just chillin in the morning, and I hear this:
"Round one of the MK II tournament will be held at 3:00. Be there."
"Fucking shit!" thinks I. "I haven’t practiced in weeks. I’m screwed."
So three o’clock rolls around and I start hearing the victory road music in my head, as any normal person does when he’s about to play in a video game tournament.
If you don’t know what the elite four music sounds like, please tear your ears off immediately and incinerate them. They aren’t worthy of existing. Or… Just LEFT click download. You’ll be a decent human being if you do.
Well… more decent than you are now anyhow, which is like saying that the leafs are LESS shitty now that they’ve fired JFJ.
Anyhow, my enemy arrives, and I start hearing:
and the battle begins, and it changes to
and I realize… holy shit… this guy’s no pro. He’s a fucking nooblet! And I beat his ass down, suffering only one attack en route to a nearly flawless victory.
64 kids started, and by the end of tomorrow, there’ll be 32 left.