"Bring in the prisoner!" commanded the voice angrily.
"Y-Yes Supreme Commander," squeaked the servant, backing away.
A man in chains was forced up the staircase by two jail guards.
"Unhand me!" he demanded. "Why have you held me in bondage for so long without even telling me who you are or what sins I have committed against you?"
"Shaddap!" The guard snarled and punched the man in the gut. "The Commander has asked to see you, so consider yourself lucky. He only asks to see the prisoners that he likes. Most of the time he just has us torture and kill them."
The man remained silent for the rest of the way up the stairs, until he reached the throne room. Then he looked up, and his mouth dropped. Flags coloured in mustard and black covered the ceiling, and they bore a terribly familiar emblem.
"No…" thought the man, slumping to his knees. "Impossible,"
The man sitting on the throne turned around, and for the first time in ages the prisoner saw the face of his nemesis.
"Bellij…" The man said quietly. He was too shocked to say anything more. He felt a mix of anger, embarrassment, and fear within him, but blended together none of these emotions were able to manifest themselves properly, and so the expression on the prisoner’s face remained one of utter disbelief.
"Welcome to my humble abode," said Bellij, grinning. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. "I hope you enjoyed your nap, s3c0ndh4nd."