He closed his eyes and was asleep within a minute. As he slept, he had a strange dream. Blue lights were dancing around him. The lights whirled around, and Cody spun around with them. Faster, faster, faster, until the world was just a blue blur. The room was spinning and Cody was at its mercy, but he didn’t care. He was excited now, and started dancing with the lights. Around and around they went. Then the lights started climbing into the air, and Cody followed them. Through the ceiling they went, and through each floor of the apartment until they reached the crisp November air under the night sky. Then the lights flew straight at him. He tried to dodge them, but they were too quick for him, and hit him squarely in the chest. He winced and closed his eyes, but then realized that there was no pain. In fact, it felt kind of nice. He smiled. Then he chuckled. Then he found himself rolling in the air, laughing. He heard voices. His friends were all around him, laughing too. There was his mother laughing, and beside her he saw his late father, who was beaming at him. “Dad!” he wanted to call out. “Dad, what are you doing here!?” but he couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get the words out. Everyone was laughing together, and for a moment Cody felt truly happy. Then the stars began going out, one by one. No one other than Cody seemed to notice this strange phenomenon. He stopped laughing and looked upwards. Slowly the night sky became darker and darker, until only the moon illuminated it. Cody looked upwards, and realized that the moon was grower bigger at an alarming rate. Soon it covered the entire sky. He yelled at his friends and parents to look up, but they remained oblivious to him. The moon swelled, and as it did it changed from white to yellow to orange and then to a menacing shade of blood red. Cody was beginning to get scared now, and he pleaded with his mother to look up, but she continued laughing. He looked up again. The moon had a face now. It looked so familiar, and yet so foreign. Something was now emerging out of this ‘evil’ moon. Cody squinted to try to bring this object into focus. As it drew closer, Cody realized that it was not a single large object, but three smaller ones. They were lights, much like the lights that he had danced with earlier, except these lights were coloured red. These lights weren’t coming for him, either. They were headed straight for Todd, Jake, and Kelsey. He somehow knew that these lights were evil, and began screaming at his friends, telling them to run away, but it was no use. They were still consumed by fits of laughter, and couldn’t hear him. He tried his parents again. “Mom! Dad! Help!” He looked over to see that his father was nowhere to be seen, and his mother was still laughing. ‘Where did-’ but he had no time to think about the whereabouts of his father. He turned towards his friends just in time to see the first red light hit Jake, causing him to vanish from sight.


“Jake! No!” he yelled. He looked around for his friend, but to no avail. Jake was gone.


The next red light hit Kelsey, and she too disappeared. “Oh no! Not you too Kelsey!” Cody cried out. Realizing quickly who the final red light was headed for, Cody dashed over to Todd and stood in front of him, so that the red light would hit him instead. Cody shut his eyes and braced for the impact, but it never came. Instead he heard Todd’s laughter stop. Looking behind him, he saw that Todd too was gone. Somehow, the red light had passed right through his body and hit Todd.


 “TODD!” he screamed. He looked around him and the only person remaining was his mother. She was no longer laughing.


“Mommy!” Cody cried. “Help me! The red lights! Everyone… They… All gone! Mom!” He ran over to his mother and gave her a hug, but when he opened his eyes he found that he was hugging himself. His mother had vanished from existence. Cody was now alone with the moon. The man’s face on the moon was staring at him with that same terrible expression.


“WHO ARE YOU?” Cody cried out in agony. “WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?”


But the man on the moon remained silent and continued staring. Then Cody saw another red light that was headed for him. He tried again.


“TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!” He yelled with all his might. Still the man’s expression did not change.




“TELL-” but at that moment the red light hit Cody, and his voice abandoned him. He looked down at his legs, and saw them fading away. His arms were evaporating as well. He took one last look up at the red man on the moon, at that familiar face whose name barely escaped him, and then everything faded to black.