Listen guys, I’m no expert on the topic of love or anything, but I know this:
If you’re going to fall in love, fall in love with someone blue. It’s common sense, really.
Look, if you love someone green, you’ll wake up one day and they won’t be green anymore. You’ll realize that somewhere along the line, they turned orange, or yellow, or brown, or purple, and you won’t love them anymore. Then you’ll have to explain to them "Listen babe, when we first met, you were beautiful. But you’ve changed, and I don’t love you anymore." What will their reaction be? It won’t be pretty.
‘Course, most people can’t bring themselves to say something like that, so they end up stalling and making things worse for themselves, but that’s besides the point.
Fall in love with someone blue, and they’ll stay blue forever, and you’ll always love them because they’ll always be what you love. Just make sure you stay blue yourself.
All eyes on me,
Blue eyes on me.
I’ll live on for you,
and forever blue eyes will I see.