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Victory at Last

My friends, The Union is victorious. Bellij has retreated his men.
It was only a matter of time, really. The Union has slowly been regaining its power, and morale has been running high amongst our troops. He still has yet to breach even our outermost defences, and has been losing a lot of men. I am certain that this is not the last we have seen Bellij. however. We will keep our troops on full alert, in case this happens to be a feint. That is all.

My Mistake

I cannot believe my blindness, my friends. 
After analyzing my own theories on the concept of love, I have come to the conclusion that I have been in error for quite some time.
As you well know, my original theory was as follows: Love is the greatest feeling a human can feel. Love always lasts forever, and anything that does not last forever was not love, but lust disguised as love. There are no degrees of love: you either love someone, or you don’t.  There are 3 forms of love on earth: Between a man and a woman, between a parent and a child, and between friends.
Now then, the part of the theory that is incorrect is the part about love lasting forever.
If it was essential for love to last forever, then it would be impossible to know whether or not you love someone until you are dead, because you can never tell what might happen in 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, or 5 minutes to cause your feelings for a certain person to change.
In essence, this means that if love had to last forever, then it is impossible to ever know for sure whether or not you love someone, and impossible to ever say "I love you" with complete certainty.
This brings me to a few possibilities:
1) My original theory was correct. Love must last forever, and so, being mortals, we are unable to truly love until we have left this world and entered the afterlife. You cannot tell someone that you love them and be absolutely certain about it.
2) Love does not need to last forever. You can love someone one day, and not love them at all the next day. Thus, you can say "I love you" based on what you feel at that moment.
3) Love has degrees to it. You can love someone more one day, and less the next. Love is relative, and thus you can say "I love you" solely based on the fact that you have strong feelings for someone, and you suspect that these feelings may be love.
My friends, I simply do not know. I am still quite confused about this subject, but I think my viewpoint combines options 1 and 2. I think that as humans, we are simply incapable of feeling pure, undiluted love. This type of love can never die, because this form of love is shared between God and mankind, and such a union is unbreakable. As well, in the afterlife, we are reunited with the loved ones who have gone before us. This time, however, there is nothing to separate us from these people, as death has no power over those who have already died. The love is infinite. Unfortunately, we are not able to feel this "true love" until after we have died. Yet, on earth, we can still feel a lesser (yet still incredibly powerful) form of love. This love can break, because it is shared between imperfect beings, man and woman.
Now, this is a more religion-oriented viewpoint than you have come to expect from me. However, I see no other way to it. I don’t like the idea that the life and love we have on earth is all we have, because, frankly, it isn’t enough. There much be something more powerful out there. I feel certain of it. I also don’t like the idea that a man and a woman will never know whether or not they love each other until after they have died. There has to be some way of knowing whether or not you love someone. I feel certain of this too.
That is my opinion, friends. What is yours?
Hola dipfags, how ya doing?
Here’s what I say to you:  
What? Were you expecting me to write out a full blown finale to my e3 series? Fuck off.

My Dearest Friends…

My friends, I have several related pieces of news, some good, some bad.
After an ordeal lasting weeks, the Temple’s primary systems are back up and running. Unfortunately, literally hundreds of thousands of files were lost in the process. Although our systems first came online on Wednesday, I have spent the last few days restoring thousands upon thousands of files. File restoration is not complete, nor will it be complete for a long time. However, it has been completed to a point where all critically important files are restored, and I feel comfortable taking some time off and slowly re-adjusting to a more normal life.
Before I go any further, I must apologize to Kakunaman. Because of the immense amount of time required for file restoration, he was unable to complete his E3 blogs for the year. Kak, if you wish to complete your series of blogs, you may do so at any time you wish. I apologize for any inconvienience I may have caused you.
Now then, on to the main point of this blog.
This Temple has now existed for over two years. Every now and then I look back at every entry ever written, from The Old Entries to the RANTS to my old poetry. This time, however, I paid closer attention to the comments than I normally do. I read every last one, from the first comment, left at 8:25 P.M. on July 12th, 2005, a mere 23 minutes after this Temple was created, to the most recent, left at 9:28 P.M. on July 11th, 2007. (Both by the same person, amazingly enough).
As I looked through the comments for each entry, I concentrated on the names of the people who left the comments.
I felt a strange mix of sorrow, happiness, and guilt. I felt sorrow because I saw names of friends who I have let slip away over the years. I felt happiness because I saw names of people who I have become friends with due to their commenting on various entries.
And I felt guilt, because I realized that I haven’t really properly thanked any of my friends for what they have done for me.
Well, technically I have.
For the first, and quite likely the last time ever, I refer you to the deepest pit of The Old Entries: The first blog written on this space. In it, I thank a few people for what they have done for me. Sadly, I am only in close contact with one of those people now, and I speak to another two of them only occasionally. Only one has ever seen this space, and that person hasn’t seen it in over 9 months.
So now, I find it necessary to thank you all again, for all you have done.
Some of you may deny doing anything for me, but I assure you that the truth of the matter is quite the opposite. You have done everything for me.
You see, when I look back on the life I have lived so far, I don’t find many things to be proud of. Sure, I have my writings and poetry, but they will fade away eventually and be forgotten, never to be remembered.
The one thing I am proud of, however, is my choice of friends.
You see, I consider my friends to be the greatest people on Earth. I truly believe that they are better people than everyone else. I can prove this, too. My friends have always stood by me. They have supported me, given me excellent counsel, believed in me, and trusted me, and they have done these four things ceaselessly, 24/7. 
Many of them have done this without ever seeing me in person. I have friends from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. I have friends from the U.K., from Germany, from Australia, from the U.S.A., and from Malaysia. These are people who, if I am lucky, I will get to meet perhaps once in my life, but I consider them friends just the same.
And that’s another thing. It matters not how often you see or speak to your friends. I have a friend who I speak to about once per year, but I consider him to be one of my greatest friends, because despite having no contact with each other for 364 out of 365 days of the year, it is never awkward when we meet, and we can pick up right where we left off last year. Truly, the greatest measure of friendship is not how often the friends communicate, but how long the friends can go without communicating and still maintain their friendship.
Friendship is one of the few universal forms of relationship. Friendship is very similar nearly anywhere on earth you go. Even marriage traditions differ from country to country and from religion to religion, but friendships are the same. Perhaps that’s why no matter what your backround is, you can always find friends in any country, as long as there isn’t an insurmountable language barrier in the way. Moving from a school with little ethnic diversity to a school with nearly no ethnic uniformity was a big adjustment, but somehow I have been able to make friends with ethnic Italians, Germans, Poles, Hungarians, English, French, Romanians, Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians, Columbians, Philippinos, Irish, Scottish, and Portugese, among others which I am ashamed of forgetting at the moment. Somehow, I have come to call these people who hail from the four corners of the Earth friends.
And I will admit, I am not close friends with all of these people. Friendship is different from love between a man and a woman. You don’t need to know everything about a person before you can call them "friend". You just need to care about the well-being of the person, and enjoy spending time with them. 
That sounds a lot like love, doesn’t it? That is because it is love. It is the one form of love which two people of any gender and of any age can have for each other, even after a single meeting.
I have some friends who I have spoken to once in my life, and probably will never speak to again, yet I consider these people friends because of that one day we shared, the mutual memories that were formed, and the effect that person had on my life.
And that brings me back to you, the reader of this. It is difficult to express my gratitude in words, but I will try. You have all changed my life for the better. Each of you forms a piece of my life, and without a single one of you, my life cannot exist as it is.
Melissa, for being the first to comment, you will also be the first I thank by name. You are the only one to have been here since the beginning, and so you have been a loyal friend. We have had our rough patches, but all truly great friendships do. What is important is that you have never given up on me, even during our roughest times, and so I thank you.
Alice (who I first met two years ago today, oddly enough), you have been nothing if not relentless in your attempts to hold our friendship together. It is truly a shame that we have fallen on dark times, but I am certain that we can pull through. The fact that you care so much is greatly appriciated. I thank you.
Andrew, I must first of all thank you for the brilliant counsel you have supplied me with time and time again. When I have asked for your advice, you have always immediately offered a wise word, even if you are busy or dealing with problems of your own. You have inspired me to continue with my guitar playing. You have introduced me to such things as Runescape and the art of owning noobs in Warcraft. You have instilled hope in me when bad situations arise. You are a hard worker, and you truly care about those close to you (though sometimes you care too much). I could go on and on, but I might make the others jealous. I thank you.
Kelsey, we don’t go as far back as the first three, but nonetheless you have taught me much in the short time that we’ve known each other. Your opinions on what I write about are always interesting and well thought out, and occasionally cause me to change my mind about whatever issue I’m speaking of. You’ve also shown me that visual art can be more interesting than bowls of fruit. I thank you.
Hitek168, you may be new here, but I feel compelled to thank you along with the rest of the regulars. You have taught me to never judge a book by its cover, and to never judge a Dragonite by its nickname (Just because "Fluffy" uses Outrage doesn’t mean it will hurt less than when "D357R0Y4H" uses it). Your odd sense of humour somehow manages to brighten my day everytime. Just lay off the unfiltered water, okay? I thank you for all that you’ve done.
You five are the regulars, but there are a few people who I would like the briefly mention, despite the fact that they will likely never read it.
Runner, I made a promise here that I would run with you once, yet somehow you’ve inspired me to continue running every other day. Besides that, you’ve taught me that sometimes taking a risk and seizing the day is the best course of action. I thank you.
Michael Cosentino, I haven’t spoken to you in nearly two years, yet that one day at the beach will live on in my memory forever. I thank you for making that day one of the best of my life.
Jenn, I thank you for trusting me. Trust is one of the greatest gifts you can give another human.
Kid, I thank you for all the good times we had over the last year and a half, and I promise you that if there is any way that I can get those times back, I will.
To those 5 greats of the Good Old Days, I thank you for remaining close to myself even two years after the Good Old Days ended.
Mr. R. Doria, I thank you for being the greatest teacher I have ever had, and for teaching me so much more than History and Math.
Nadja and Kroc, though you are more aquainted with Kakunaman than myself, I thank you both for being two great friends.
Vicky, though we seldom speak anymore, I must thank you for the times we shared at both the theme park and the mall.
Liz, I have so much to thank you for, yet I cannot seem to find the right words. You have been a great friend for many, many years. You have not abandoned me, despite some bad decisions I have made, and have always been worthy of my trust. I thank you.
Random Luca, I thank you for making religion class at least semi-entertaining.
Barz, ditto to you. Your theories about there being multiple gods competing to create the best universe are hilarious. I also appriciated your ideas for ending world hunger and poverty (Use a large catapult to fling all the starving/poor into a brick wall at high velocities). Priceless. I thank you for having a sense of humour.
To the entire group (All 35 of the important ones, anyhow), I thank you for making my life a little more interesting, especially during hockey season. In particular, Codes is thanked for his nekkedness, and LK is thanked for her continual support.
Mihai, you have always been a great friend. It is a shame that we do not meet more often, but it matters not. Your ability to find humour in everything, including yourself, is your best trait. I thank you.
Mario, I cannot fathom why you are always laughing. I’ve seen you laugh after someone punches you in the stomach, for Christ’s sake. I thank you for your laugh, since it happens to be stupid enough to make me laugh too.
Queen Ramone and Sir Anthony, both of you have helped re-awaken my interest in a game which I had stopped playing years ago, I thank you for that 15 minutes of daily fun that is Utopia.
To Amy, who I keep forgetting to reply to, I thank you for being a never-ending stream of randomness and humour.
Hanaa, you seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Regardless, we had fun while it lasted. I thank you.
Lastly, to our Avatarian friend, who also seems to have dropped off the face of the earth without warning. I thank you for your blog entries, all of which were thought provoking and inspiring, and for your advice, which was always spot on.
There you have it. My only regret is that many of you will never read this, and will never know the extent of my gratitude.
My friends, you are all the most important things in my life. You have all helped improve my quality of life in some way or another, and each one of you has become irreplaceable in my life.
My dearest friends… I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
So, perhaps the most important two days of the year are the days of the pre-E3 presentations by the big three publishers. What happens during these presentations often foreshadows what happens during the year, so its pretty damned important for the publishers to show of their best stuff.
Last year, we had an amazing presentation by Nintendo, an average one by Microsoft, and an absolutely pathetic offering from Sony. As such, we’ve seen the Wii beginning to catch up with the Xbox 360, the DS completely dominate the PSP, and the PS3 be outsold 2 to 1 by both the Xbox 360 and Wii.
Microsoft’s presentation went first this year. Microsoft went into E3 with the lead in the console wars, though their lead is slowly shrinking as the Wii gains momentum. A good presentation by them would have cemented their lead for the rest of the cycle. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball in a big way. It wasn’t a terrible presentation by any stretch, but it was boring. Not very many announcements, and not much on Halo 3. It had its moments, but overall Microsoft’s big shots put together a pretty boring presentation, spending too much time discussing what we already knew, and not enough time showing us new material. 5/10
Nintendo was second. Nintendo, gaining on Microsoft for the lead in the console wars, needed a strong presentation here in order to surpass Microsoft and take over the lead. They didn’t do badly. Newswise, this one was rich in material. Super Smash Bros. Brawl debuts on December 3rd, Mario Galaxy debuts November 12th. Mario Kart for the Wii was announced, and will be compatible with a new wheel-shaped controller called, not surprisingly, the Wii Wheel. Wii Fit, a collection of excercises intended to help Wii players improve their fitness levels, was also announced. This game comes with a balance board controller, which is used by your feet, not your hands. A new Mii channel and a Wii Zapper were also announced. Overall, it was a solid presentation, but lacking any major announcements. 6.5/10
Sony went last. Dead last in the console wars, and failing in the portable wars, this was do or die time for Sony. They needed a killer presentation in order to try to inch their way back into the war. I regret to say that they did admirably. Their attempts at regaining lost ground began a few days ago, when they dropped the price of the 60 gig PS3 by $100 (although they also released a new, 80 gig PS3 for the regular $599 USD..). Today, they unveiled a new PSP design, which is both lighter and thinner than the original PSP, and comes in muliple colours (Sound familiar?). Most of the presentation, besides these points, was average. However, the last little bit blew everyone away. Metal Gear Solid 4 appeared with another, even more amazing trailer. As well, to wrap up, Sony showed a trailer for Killzone 2, which was mysteriously missing from last year’s show, but evidently the project wasn’t cancelled, as it reappeared with easily the most amazing gameplay graphics I have ever seen. Halo 3 can suck Killzone’s cock. 8.5/10
Overall, the conferences weren’t as exciting this year as they were last year, mostly because last year they were unveiling hardware, whereas this year was all software. None of them were horrible, but none of them were super amazing either. However, without a doubt, Sony took home the prize, and Microsoft flopped. These presentations have left me a little less chipper than usual. Why? Well, with Microsoft’s poor presentation and Sony’s great one, the result of the console wars is still undetermined. Microsoft fall from the top within a year, and Sony could regain power. There are tons of unknowns. Will Halo 3 live up to the hype? Will Killzone 2 hinder Halo 3’s sales? Will anyone care about Metroid Prime 3? The future of video gaming is still very up in the air. Its a whole new ballgame, mates.
Well kiddies, there aren’t many things that come before my duties on the battlefield. E3 is one of them. If you haven’t heard, it’s been pussified this year, and its in July. It’s still E3 though, and I’m still Kak, so I’ll be bringing you my analyses of the events taking place. That’ll be damned hard to do on the auxiliary system, but I’ll find a way. What’s great this year is that for the first time, the press conferences are being televised live on G4, and streamed live on Microsoft goes tonight, while Nintendo goes tomorrow morning and Sony immediately follows them. That’s all I’ve got to say for now. Don’t let horny goats get anywhere near your dicks, mates. – Kakunaman
My friends, with the temple’s communications crippled as they are, I have had more time than usual for thinking, but unfortunately I’ve had no place to share my thoughts. Fortunately, I have obtained a second auxiliary system for posting blogs, and although it will not be available to me at all times, it is better than the wii for this particular purpose.
Now then, I have had this thought in particular: If humans truly are the master race and rulers of the universe, why is it that we allow ourselves to be enslaved by such a stupid thing as money?
Whether you believe that we were created by a loving God as the dominant race, or that we gradually evolved into the dominant race, the fact remains the same: We are the undisputed rulers of this world.
Yet somehow, we seem to have regressed. It used to be that children and teenagers stayed with their parents as long as possible, in order to help with farm chores or other tasks. Now they leave their home as soon as possible to seek employment elsewhere. Many even seek employment whilst still living with their parents, some as young as 13 or 14. And why? Not because these people enjoy extra responsibility, I’m certain. No, they do it because they want money. I have asked these youthful workers why they work, and invariably the reply is "money".
Money for what? What do they need money for at 14? Money to buy clothes and other material belongings which will likely be worn once or twice before ending up at the back of a closet, never to be seen again?
I can understand the need for money to buy a few shirts, a few pairs of pants, two or three pairs of shoes, etc. Society will never in our lifetimes change to the point where public nudity is encouraged. However, it’s a mathematical fact that when you own 50 shirts, in order to wear them all, you would only be able to wear one every month and a half. Add that to the fact that during that month and a half you’re continuously buying new shirts, and the fact that you have 5 or so "favourite" shirts, and you end up almost never wearing half of your wardrobe.
So, the youth of today do not need very much money at all.
Adults are different. They provide food and shelter for the rest of the family, and of course money is needed to pay for all of these.
They have a different problem. The youth crave control over more money. The adults are controlled by the need for more money. Money for food, money for electricity, for the mortgage, for the water bill, for clothing, and for all of life’s necessities.
However, like the youth, adults also wish for luxuries for time to time, and so they must work extra in order to obtain the money needed for these luxuries. Where do they find the time to work overtime? They take it out of other parts of life. Less time spent with the family, less time reading, less time thinking, and ironically, less time with which to enjoy the aforementioned luxuries.
It’s ridiculous, really.
Have you ever heard your dog complain about his stocks falling 10%?
Have you ever seen your cat depressed due to an economic recession?
Has your bird ever sung to you in hopes that you will pay her?
How about your recently deceased fish? Did he commit suicide due to the fact that he was absolutely bankrupt?
It’s funny how every all animals, from snakes to seagulls, are without a penny (with the exception of a few pets whose late billionaire owners left great sums of money to), yet they never act any differently because of it. They have no desire to be wealthy because they do not need money. Animals can find food and water, build shelters, and start families, all without the use of money.
How stupid must we have looked to animals during the Great Depression? Think about it. It was life as usual for all of them. Only the humans were affected by this "economy", which none of them could see, feel, touch, smell, or hear. Are we really the "master race"? 
Money was not here in the beginning. We created money, and we’re the only species which uses it, because we’re the most advanced race on the planet.
How then could it possible that all of Western civilization can crumble due to a lack of something which we ourselves created?

I think that something is wrong, my friends.


Once again we have entered this most cursed of months. The first time, I feared it. This time, I do not. I have survived it once, and I will again. It is not much different than other months, and I believe that the God of Beer and the Screwup before me were simply victims of bad timing. Fear not, my friends, I shall fight on.