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I need a vacation…

Ask and I shall receive eh?
Me and s3c0ndh4nd are heading out to Chicago for the rest of the week. Not that you’ll notice us being gone, since it’s only 4 days, but hey, just a heads-up, alright mates? So long.
10 rants. Wow. You know, originally rants were supposed to be something done on a weekly basis… There have been 10 in 20 months… Hm.

ALRIGHT. So I know that the more sensitive of you fucks are looking at the title and saying "Kak, you sexist racist fuck."

To which I reply, "Read the fucking title, dickfag."
Yeah, this isn’t a rant against African Americans or women, because I know respectable people from both of those groups.
No, I’m pissed off at the fucks who say "WOMEN NEED EQUAL RIGHTS! LOLOLOL!" and the people who say "LET’S TREAT EACH OTHER THE SAME, REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOUR!"
Let’s tackle these kids one at a time, shall we?
First, the women.
Alright, so here’s a brief history of humanity:
Once upon a time, there were men, and there were women.
Men thought that they were better, because they had big muscles, so they took all of the womens’ rights away. Moses and Jesus came along in turn, and they treated women as equals. Moses went so far as to give us rules for who to stone when a woman was raped. "Rape?" cried the men of this era, "Rape is not a crime… It’s an opportunity!" People were confused. 

Men ignored the advice of our good Lord, and treated women as their bitches for a while.

(Yeah, I’ve missed a lot of parts, but the important part is coming up.)
Here’s where it gets good.
Somewhere along the line, women decided that they needed more rights, so they began fighting for them. When they received some rights, they just wanted more.
In the 1910’s we had greedy politicians give women the right to vote for their own benefit, and what did the women do? They wanted the right to be called people. They won that too. They wanted alcohol banned. It was. They wanted to play professional sports. We let them. They wanted equal pay as men. They got it.
So now fast forward to today. We’ve got women still demanding equal rights as men.
You HAVE equal rights! No, fuck that, you have MORE than equal rights!
Let’s see here. If a man beats a woman, what happens? People say "Oh, what an asshole. Poor girl, I hope that bastard rots in jail."
If a woman beats a man? They say "Oh, well he must have done something… RIGHT ON SISTER!"
If a man and a woman are competing for a job, and the man gets it, the woman can easily turn on the employer and say "You sexist son of a bitch!" Men can’t do that.
So to all the women in the world that want more rights, I kindly ask you to go fuck yourselves with the vibrators that men have given you the right to own for your very own.
As for the anti-racist people…
You fags are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. I know what you do. You criticize every white person on the planet for being racist, but you never point the finger at yourselves. The fact is that whenever you see a black person, you say to yourself "Ah, this person is equal to me in every way!" and you smile and shake their hand. You fag! You hypocrite! You scum of the earth! 
First of all, no, not everyone is equal, but it has nothing to do with skin colour. Secondly, just the fact that you have to think about it before you deem someone "equal" makes you a racist. And it makes me a racist. And it makes him, and her, and everyone else on the planet a racist.
And a sexist, because we judge people differently based on gender too, don’t we?
Don’t even TRY to deny it, because you know that it’s true. The second that you see someone’s face, you begin to judge them. You think to yourself "White male, Polish, freckles, glasses, straight teeth, brown hair, green eyes, dimple on the left cheek" This thought process happens fast. So fast that often we don’t even know that we’re doing it, but it happens. It’s human nature. It’s amazing how this happens, actually.
We’re all racists and sexists and blonde-hairists and glassesists, and Polishists, and a whole lot of other "ists", because it’s in our blood to be that way. You can’t deny it, and if you do, then you deserve to have acid inserted into your eye with a syringe.
But hey, let’s just point our fingers at everyone else, because it’s a hell of a lot easier to say "Everyone is racist… except for me."
Christ, I need a bloody vacation. This blog hasn’t cooled me off at all. I may make a part 2. Don’t bet on it though.
REMEMBER KIDDIES: Lip Gloss is the most ridiculous thing on earth. Hopefully one day a company that makes it accidently ships out a poisoned batch. Trust me, it would remove a good number of fags from the earth.
Kakunaman is out.

Was Once Good

I do not understand it at all, my friends.
It appears as though my old school – my sacred, beautiful, near perfect old school, the site at which The Screwup is buried, the site at which The Union itself was crafted – has fallen on dark times.
This pains me, it truly does. I ventured there recently, and was troubled by how little I enjoyed the experience. It used to be such an enjoyable place to visit.
Now, only a year later, it is transformed. Over the last few years, it had been changing, to be sure, but now it is completely transformed. Only about 20% of the original staff remains, and the administration is entirely different. The old administration allowed former students into the school with open arms. This new one shuts them out with concrete walls.
This blog isn’t about that, however…
When they DID allow me in (grudgingly, I might add), I saw something which I haven’t seen for a long time.
The hierarchy.
There it was, in full effect. I could have categorized at least 80% of the people into their class just by looking at them, where they stood, and who they stood with. Easy, just like it used to be.
The scene felt familiar, and yet, for the first time, foreign.
I had never before questioned the hierarchy. Despite the fact that I am someone who questions many things, it never occured to me that the hierarchy could be wrong. To me, it was just a fact of life.
"The upper class people do not like you. You probably won’t like them either. This will be true wherever you go, no matter what." It proved to be so. Everyone in the upper class hated me. Since they hated me, how could I possibly like them? I never questioned this concept of the hierarchy, because it seemed to be something that would be true no matter what. Questioning it would be like questioning the fact that humans need water to survive.  
Then, as I’ve mentioned before, I changed schools. I expected things to be the same, but they weren’t. There was a hierarchy, but physical appearance, athleticism, and charisma were no longer factors in determining your class. The classes weren’t as hateful towards each other as they had been, and sometimes they were even friendly towards each other. Again, as I mentioned, this shocked me. At first, I didn’t like the system, nor did I understand it. There was no way to tell who you were supposed to terrorize, and who was going to be terrorizing you. As I found out, there was very little terrorizing going on at all.
Over time, I have become used to this system, and have come to accept it. 
When I returned to my old school, I saw the hierarchy again, but as a spectator rather than as a part of the system, and it felt odd.
"Why do these kids hate each other so much?"
It felt familiar, and yet so very wrong. Just today, I asked a member of the upper class if I could borrow a pen or pencil. Realizing my mistake, I was about to say "Oh, nevermind" when he said "Sure, let me see what I have." Under the hierarchy, the reply would have been something akin to "Yeah… Go fuck yourself."
As I looked around the room, the same room which The Screwup had studied in not long ago, I couldn’t help but think "Could the hierarchy be wrong? If so, then what does that make The Screwup? What does that make the God of Beer? What does that make me? Most importantly, what does that make The Union? We were founded on the principle of this hierarchy, and if it is wrong, then does that mean that the entire foundation of the last three years has been false?"