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A shade. A shadow. A spectre.
Yesyes we were once grand, my friends. The greatest thing you could ever imagine. Half the globe was amazed by our power. Canada, Germany, the U.S., the U.K., Australia. An untold story, no, a story seldom told, yet the greatest story ever told by far. We took what was non-existant and turned it into an invincible object of unimaginable power. Or so we thought.
Yes yes we took the power from under everyone’s nose. It cost us the life of a great man but we seized it, and life was good for a time, but then some unknown force took it from us. No, it was not unknown! We know who did it, and we would gladly have had him killed! But alas he slipped away, but not before he corrupted our power. Yesyes, HE created the infection! but we said "fine fine, it will be fine fine. fear not, do you fear? fear not!" But then another of us was killed, and we began to fear. nono, not much, just a little. but we thought "It is gone!" and life was again good for a bit.
it is not gone. it is back.
It grows, it consumes all, even me. But it grows within me, and I feel its power? Devil or angel, I cannot tell. It has condemned us all to death, and yet it aids us in our task of aiding others. And it makes us obsolete. Yesyes, obsolete. And this is what we are doomed to, whether we seize it or not. I am… but not yet. I must unite for one last push… yet I have already, and it has put me here.
We are… we are a mere shadow of what we once were…

Unrequited Love

A subject that has puzzled me since the very beginning has been that of unrequited love. Some say that if love is not reciprocated, then it is not love at all. Another view, which I was only recently made aware of, says that unrequited love is a perfect form of love. This idea was first brought to me by someone I know only as Clever, who wrote the following:
""I have to admit," she said wistfully, crossing her arms over her chest, "an unrequited love is so much better than a real one. I mean, it’s perfect."
"Nothing’s perfect," I said.
"Nothing real," she replied. "But as long as something is never even started, you never have to worry about it ending. It has endless potential." "
What an amazing concept.
Love between two people, as we know, can end. If it ends, was it love at all, or merely an illusion?
It was an illusion. Love does not simply die, it is far more powerful than that. The two people may have thought that they loved each other, but in reality this was not so.
The illusion of love is created when two people seemingly care for one another to a high extent. They look into each other’s eyes and see caring reflected back at them, and so they conclude that it must be love.
In the case of only one person loving another, this illusion of love never takes place. The two people do not love each other, rather it is only one person loving the other, and when he or she looks into the other’s eyes, there is no caring reflected back, and so there is no illusion created.
However, some are unable to tell the difference between infatuation and unrequited love. Infatuation is temporary, lasting weeks, months, perhaps even a year or two or more. Infatuation is not love. Infatuation is lust. It is no better than two people using each other for the purpose of sex.
Unrequited love is love without any strings attached. There are no demands made between the two people involved, no requirements, no conditions, no arguements, nothing! The relationship between the two people cannot end, because it never existed in the first place! Nothing can sever something that does not exist! It is perfect!
Unrequited love, while it cannot simply die, can be replaced by another form of love, or an illusion thereof (Though this almost never occurs with the same person, for reasons unknown. This merits further study). Sometimes it will be replaced by infatuation, or love itself, but typically it will be replaced by an illusion of love. Why would we replace PERFECTION ITSELF with something imperfect?
As humans, we like tangibles. We like something that we can feel, see, hear, smell, or taste. We like to be able to feel someone next to us, to see them smile, to hear their voice, to smell them, and to taste their lips (some of us go beyond some of these, but I digress)
As such, we are willing to sacrifice perhaps the only perfect thing that we have for something a little less perfect, a little more real.
Human nature is such a pity sometimes…

The Purpose of…

I wanted to begin the new year with something that I had never done before, and so I have spent several hours over the past 10 days simply staring at a blank screen, thinking of ideas. Now I have it.
Pointless things are useless, as Kakunaman has already stated, and I agree. It has also come to my attention in recent days that some of those who visit this Temple often are misinterpreting the purpose for the blogs, and this has me concerned. If I should know the purpose of the blogs, then why shouldn’t the rest of the world? We will solve this issue right now. Kak and I will go over the various writings, and explain their purpose.
The Purpose of The Old Entries:
These entries are left as a testament to what this space once was. They show how this space, and myself, have changed over time. I’m not proud of these entries, but I do not like changing or erasing history just because I have the power to. Grammar and spelling mistakes are one thing, but I do not change or delete whole entries for the sake of getting rid of embarrassing or shameful blogs. If I posted it, I must have thought well of it at the time, and therefore The Old Entries remain.
The Purpose of The Saga:
The Saga is written more for myself than for others. Not surprisingly, most of those who I asked said they liked The Saga least of everything on here. It is a diary of sorts, if you will. You may have noticed that The Old Entries all but stopped when The Saga began. The reason for this is that The Saga is simply The Old Entries written about The Union, and in a different way. It’s full of symbolism, and perhaps someday I will explain it all, but then again, quite probably not.
The Purpose of the Reflections:
I will first state that these are my favourite entries. I dislike breaking the fourth wall, so I enjoy the fact that there is no fourth wall to break with these entries. Among them, I like The Death of Innocence and Four best (at this point in time anyways, as feelings do tend to change with time). The purpose of the Reflections is to discern what some others may not be able to see. There are three main subjects which I write on: Life, Love, and Innocence. About 70% of the time I don’t know what I’m going to write until I actually do. A friend of mine or a T.V. show may give me an idea, and I will start writing about it, and as I write, I form my own opinion on the subject.
There are some who create accounts on myspace, facebook, etc. for the purposes of finding love of some sort, and to them I say "Fools! How can you seek love when you do not even know what love is?"
Love is part of Life, and Love is part of Innocence, and thus, in a way, much of I write is an attempt at discovering what love is. I try to solve the puzzle one piece at a time, and eventually the whole image will come clear to me in an instant. It may happen tomorrow, it may not happen for 20 years, but eventually it will happen. 
The Purpose of the Poetry:
If you click on the Poetry/Reflections link on the left side of your screen, you’ll notice that the earliest entries are almost exclusively poetry, while the newest entries are all reflections. Truth be told, over time I’ve come to feel that poetry has too many limits and restrictions. Every time I have tried to write a poem recently, the form of it changes as I’m writing. It begins as a typical ABCB or AABB, and then suddenly the rhyming disappears, and it becomes free verse. After that, the beat and flow disappears, and it ceases to be poetry. It becomes a reflection. As such, I find that it is easier for me to and less complicated for you if I write in the form of reflections, rather than poems. I am able to get my point across clearly, and the reader is able to see the message without worrying about hidden meanings. Besides, looking back at every poem I’ve written over the year and a bit I’ve been here (not all of them are posted here), I can safely say that I really don’t like any of them anymore, save for M.S.N. and Mourning by Mourning. Will any more poetry appear here? The honest answer is possibly. I don’t know if I’ll ever get that random urge to write ever again, but if I do, I will not fight it, and I will post the result here, as always.
The Purpose of the Memorials:
Memorials are for honouring those who have fallen before myself; the previous heroes of The Union.
The Purpose of the RANT:
So yeah, s3c0ndh4nd kinda started the whole rant thing, but hey, I’m better at it than he is, so I’ll take this one.
The purpose of the rant has changed a lot during this year and a half. There are several reasons why rants have been written, namely:
1. Just for the hell of writing something. (See Rants #1 and #5)
2. Because I actually am pissed off due to a recent event (See Rants #2 and #3)
3. For humour purposes. (See Rants #4, #6, #7, #8, and #9)
So more or less, rants began as something serious, but they’ve now become a way to make people laugh. And yes, saying "fuck" and "faggot" and "dickweed" and "cuntlicker" is funny when I say it. Since the funny-type rants have proven more popular, I’m sticking with those. My only gripe is how seriously people take these sometimes. I’m a fairly easygoing dude, I don’t really give two shits about most things. If people want to fuck and create new fuckers with their fucking, then let them. More n00bs for me to pwn, right? If 8 year olds want to drink til they barf, then let them. Less faggots in the world. It’s a delicate balance of nature, really. I’d hate to think what would happen if too many n00bs killed themselves, or if too many n00bs had too many baby nublets. Imagine how horrible that would be for me! At least this way the dead n00bs are about equal to the new n00bs. Now then, I’ve gone on a tangent. Fuck off, I like my time in the spotlight.
Anyways, modern day rants are typically based on an issue that isn’t really cared about (See Rant #4… As if ANYONE gives a shit about those people), or an issue that I may care a little about, but, like the drama queen I am, I exaggerate as much as possible, and say "fuck" a lot. And people laugh, and write funny comments back. That’s all that’s supposed to happen. Stop fucking taking them seriously, fucknuts, and we’ll all get along better, okie-dokey?
The Purpose of This Space:
I don’t believe I’ve ever said this here, although it will be all too familiar to those of you (Read: the one of you) who visits my other Internet haunts. Fortunately, those people (Read: that person) doesn’t comment, so we should be fine here.
The purpose of this space is NOT so that I can put all my stuff on the Internet for people to marvel at. While getting comments such as "oo, that’s good", is nice, and while I do appreciate getting them, that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m not looking for everyone to agree with me either. While most of what I write is stated as if it were authoritative fact, I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. In fact, most people DO disagree with my points of view, and that’s absolutely fine. What I care about is that people think about what I’m saying and develop an opinion of their own. My first and foremost complaint about the world that we live in is that there are not enough thinkers anymore. Who really takes the time to think about a rose or a tombstone when they pass one? Who thinks about such things about Innocence, and the possibility that love does not exist? Some of you may, but the short answer is that not enough people do, and this concerns me. Some people have asked me "How do you get those ideas?", and every time my reply is the same: "I think."
Some people have, after reading some of my writings, glanced at my age and said "There’s no way you’re just a kid!". I am surprised every time I hear this, because the fact is that anyone and everyone is capable of thought. A 15 year old is, a 10 year old is, a 14 year old is, an 18 year old is, a 28 year old is, and a 72 year old is. Everyone is capable of thought.
The problem is that the majority of people choose not to use this gift of thought. People choose not to think because not thinking is simple, and simple is ignorance, and ignorance is bliss.
The purpose of this space is to protect the Innocence of youth, to perserve the Goodness of adolescents, to conserve the Respect for youth of adults, to maintain the Joyful Spirit of the elderly, and above all, to create thought in the minds of all, young and old, king and peasant, friend and foe.

RANT #9: Sex

Oh boy, what’s Kak thinking now… First blog entry of the new year, and he’s taking shots at our beloved method of reproduction… This may spark some controversy… FROM FAGGOTS!

No no, I’m not ranting against how we reproduce. While the majority of children do grow up to be faggots, there are always a few who turn out well, and let’s face it, none of us are immortal, and the few among us who are still capable of thought will eventually need replacing, and the only way to achieve this at this time is by fucking. That’s perfectly fine.

See, what I’m against is when a male and a female get together for the purpose of making each other "feel good", shall we say. They do this by way of the "handjob", "blowjob", and lastly, the "random act of mindless teenage sex". I’ll be focusing mainly on the blowjob here. Now then, why would I, Kakunaman, one who really doesn’t care for much besides pleasing himself, give two shits about these acts?
To put it lightly, these acts are the reason for the creation of hundreds of shit eating faggot fuckface dickheads everyday. You take a cute little 12 year old and tell him that a girl can suck his dick and it feels good, and POOF, one shit eating faggot fuckface dickhead has been born. And of course, this kid will tell all his friends of this great news, and POOF, ten more shit eating faggot fuckface dickheads.
Ah, but of course, these kids have the advantage. Having the knowledge, they now seek to find out how exactly they will get a girl to suck them off.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Barbie World, girls are starting to realise "hey! boyz iz cute!". As such, they look for ways to make the boys like them back. Then they realize "Hey! If I lick Timmy’s ding-dang-dongadillyo, maybe he’ll like me!
Timmy thinks "y0 (because shit eating faggot fuckface dickheads don’t say "hey") if Annie thinks I like her, she’ll suck my yip-yip-yippie-wahoo."
And so Timmy asks Annie out, and Annie reports back to her friends that "He’s toaly iin luv wit mii <3"
Out of gratitude, she sucks him off, and Timmy then proceeds to dump her ass like a faulty PS3.
But does this amount to nothing? NO WAII!
Annie realizes "Hey! I like sucking zoom-zing-zangadillies! Let’s go find more!" And thus, a slutwhore cumguzzling queeffag is born.
And by the time all that is done with, little Damien, a year younger than Timmy, has just learned some special information about his gorky-sporky…
And the cycle repeats every year, in every school across North America, and likely other places, but I can’t comment on those, having not visited Europe recently, or any other continents at all.
And here’s what really annoys me: These acts are most common between boyfriends and girlfriends. Husbands and wives don’t spend every day jerking each other off and making out and fucking. So basically we have wee little teenagers who have known each other perhaps 6 months, have been going out for perhaps no more than one, and already they’re fucking and sucking and licking like there’s no tomorrow. What’s that supposed to be, an act of love? You’ve GOT to be fucking kidding me. No wait, that’s not the only explanation. I once heard this piece of work: "I do it cuz its fun".
So you’re telling me that it’s fun sucking on something that gallons upon gallons of urine have flown through over years? A hairy slab of muscle and skin which has been God-knows-where. Right.
No, you do it because you’re all so deeply in love with each other.
Yeah, sodomize me with a ten foot pole if that one’s true.
99% of these relationships break up. And that’s a low estimate.
This shit is fucking pointless, and as RANT #5 points out, I don’t like useless shit.
Seriously, do you honestly think that The Powers That Be would place such an odd looking appendage on the male body for the purpose of it being sucked? Do you honestly think that the amazing temporary love between you and your boyfriend supersedes the will of the Almighty? Oh boy, we better start bowing down to you then, O amazing giver of orgasm. Just one question for you:
I was once aquainted with a girl whose first act with the majority of guys she met was to bare her tits to them. I consider it a point of honour to have declined this show, but I digress. Now then, how many guys do you think she was able to attract in this way? Tons, of course.
And how many do you think remained interested for more than a month? None. And I laughed at her each time it happened. Largely due to this, we don’t talk anymore, but it just goes to show how pointless the whole process is.
Now then, you wanna know the best part of all this?
Seriously, I love this.
You ready?
Some of these kids, by some miracle, will not succumb to faggotry.
Fuck it, I’m done here. You kids have fun now, and hopefully some of you will choke on a boner and die.
Remember kiddies: If you rearrange the letter in "sex", you get "Fuck you, you dickweed smoking motherfucking pussy sucking cuntrag, I hope you get raped by your dog and you both die of AIDS. I fucked your dog by the way, but it was anal so I won’t get AIDS, and I fucked your mom too. She’s a whore by the way. And your dad sucked me off cuz he’s a prostitute. Have a nice day."