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The Seconds

The second. 

A short unit of time. Seconds come and go quickly, and so we tend to take them for granted. And why shouldn’t we? When one second passes, another takes its place rather quickly. Many of us will live to see at least 2,000,000,000 seconds in our lifetimes.

Yet oddly enough, within this small, insignificant unit of time is the potential to change your life entirely.
You are never doing the exact same thing as you were doing one second ago. You may be performing the same activity, but your body will have moved somehow, your heart will have beated, and countless impulses will have been sent from your brain to your muscles within that second, and you’ll be different, however insignificantly.
But a second has far more power than that. Indeed, within a second it is possible that your life will change entirely. You may find that in a second an event may occur that will forever alter the course of your life.
These seconds are very rare however.
Indeed, out of the over 494,362,200 seconds that I have been alive, only about 6 have been life changing.
6 out of 494,362,200.
That’s one out of every 82,393,700 seconds.
There is a 0.000001213685% chance that the next second you live might change your life.
This chance may seem tiny, as there are only 86,400 seconds every day, and you would be right. There is almost no chance that your life will be forever changed on this day.
But there is a chance.
Live on, my friends. Live, and do not take for granted the seconds of your life. A man’s fortune is made up of pennies, and so is your life made up of seconds. They have changed your life before, and they will again. Live on.

The Little Things

A drinking straw.
A light, cylindrical piece of plastic tubing, generally used for transfering beverages from a container of some sort to a mouth.
Placed in one’s hand, it is virtually weightless.
In the world exist two kinds of problems. There are big problems, and there are small problems.
The big problems tend to come at us one at a time. Perhaps the death of a loved one, perhaps the loss of your house due to fire, perhaps the ending of what had been a lasting and beautiful relationship. These problems are generally devestating, possibly financially, possibly emotionally, possibly physically. But these problems are rare and generally far between. There is plenty of time in between for coping and mourning, and, almost always, these problems can eventually be fully resolved.
The small problems however… These come in flocks, and together they cause far more pain and frustration than any big problem could. Perhaps you have a school project due the next day. Perhaps you are experiencing the common cold. Perhaps a girl has turned you down. Individually, these problems are nothing. But these problems fly to you in droves, and by the time you are able to deal with one, three more have taken its place. You have arguements with friends, you get a detention for no purpose whatsoever, some idiot hits your car, your friend accidently destroys an object that has sentimental value…
But what does it matter, really? These are all small little things, right? Easily dealt with and swept under a rug. Insignificant.
200,000,000 straws.
It only takes one too many to break the camel’s back.

RANT #8: Alcohol

I know I said I wouldn’t post here often. Fuck off, this requires urgent attention. Yeah, I’m taking over rants because bitching is what I do best. Today I’m pretty pissed off at alcohol users.
USERS, I said.
The ABUSERS are a whole different story. They’re so low that I simply refuse to rant about them, as I consider it a waste of effort. Maybe one day I’ll mash my keyboard for half an hour and that will be my rant on alcohol abuse. But I’m probably too lazy even for that. 
But today I’m concentrating on the users of said drug. Not the "one glass of wine with an excellent steak" type users. Just about everyone does that, and this isn’t a rant on the human race (although that’s not a bad idea…).  No mates, I’m talking about those that use alcohol specifically for the purpose of altering their mental states.
So you’re at a party which most likely involves many sweaty n00bs and shitty music. Why you are even at this party, I don’t know. But you’re there and you think "Hey, a beer would really be swell right about now!"
Why? Well there’s a few reasons.
1. You’re kinda shy and use the alcohol to "loosen up".
You’re shy? Then why the fuck are you going to a huge party? You enjoy being around n00bs or something? It’s a fucking PARTY mate. PARTY. That means you should be having fun there. It IS possible to have fun without alcohol. If it’s my party, and you need alcohol to have fun, then my message to you is simply: "Fuck you, go home and masturbate to your mom. She’s a whore by the way."
Come on, think here mates. Party=tons of n00bs but probably some mates all together in a small area. You find your mates. You chill. You have fun dissing the fat chick with a moustache on the other end of the room.
WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT? Maybe I’m just nuts, but I see no problem with having fun at a party…
2. You want sex, and the girls at the party are all n00bs. You use the alcohol to make them look hot.
Well if this is the case, then you’re pretty much a fag. But then after you’ve had a bit to drink, some chick starts hitting on you. She’s looking pretty good, so you take her home and fuck her. In the morning you wake up to find out that you just fucked your own mother. Then 9 months later. POP.
Oh, but lets say parties aren’t your thing and you’re just hanging with your mates in some random shithole. Let’s call it a backyard. So you decide to have a beer.
I see no point in this. These are your MATES. Your CHUMS. Your BUDDIES. Your COMRADES. Your PALS. Friends. Why can’t you have "sick chillz" with them without drinking? If you can’t have fun with your mates without changing your mental state, then you are fucked. And your friends are fucked. And your mom is being fucked. By your dog.
Oh wait! But of course, you might be one of my favourite brands of human being:
The "z0mfGz0rz! 41(0|-|41 FTW lolololololol W3’R3 s0 KEWL c0z W3’r3 g3771/\/G 73|-| |)R|_|/\/K!"
In which case, first of all, I condemn you to an early grave, which I will take great pleasure pissing upon and sodomizing your mother upon. And then your dog.
So you’re probably like 2 years old. And you’re probably a chick or a homosexual, but most likely the former. Possibly both. I’ll clue you in on something, because you clearly aren’t aware, and I like to do my best to arm others with knowledge.
I know that you’re trying to let the world know that you’re "kewl" enough to drink, and it really doesn’t sound cool. I hear people talk like that and I want to kill kittens in cold blood, that’s how gay you sound.
Alright, I’ve pissed myself off more now. I’m gonna wrap this up before I burst a blood vessel and have to use materials from your body to fix it up.
Mates, here’s the point. Have fun without changing your mental state. It’s entirely possible, in fact, I’m sure you were able to do that a few precious years ago, before you turned into a cunt.
REMEMBER KIDDIES: Life is the manifestation of chaos. We’re all alive. Ever wonder why the human race has no future? It’s painfully obvious. 
HOLA MATES! So I’m here now, and I guess that’s swell, cuz you know… E3 is dead and I’d have no time to come back here otherwise.
So yesterday some n00b concerned with grammar and spelling bitches at me for telling him to STFU, because according to, STFU isn’t a word. So he’s bitching at me and I’m all "k, sry ur such a n00b…" and he’s all "cant you spell!?! ‘sry’ isn’t a word!" and I’m all "’cant’ isn’t a word either. now stfu or gtfo before I eat you, fucking n00b"
Aye, "cant" is a word, but not in the context he used it. So y’know I toaly pwned him up at his own game I guess.
He blocked me then, so I’m all like "ya gg no re, fucking n00b."
Anyways, I’ll try to limit my posting here because s3h will want to cover the place with his "scholarly writings". Apparently. I’m out. oh, and p.s., I’m considering new colours for my emblem. 2 colours, one background and one for text. Any suggestions will be considered.