Today I ask you this:

How would you defeat your evil twin?

Someone who knows exactly what you know, is capable of the exact things you are, and has the same weaknesses as you, but uses their powers for evil, and not good.
At this point, you may be thinking "Ah. Clearly s3c0ndh4nd has run out of things to write about!", but you would be wrong.
It would not be an easy task, now would it.
Your Evil Twin knows exactly what you know, and could anticipate any plan you have to destroy it. Its mind is equal to yours, and it is capable of doing anything you could. It’s equally strong as you, equally popular, equally shy, etc. This copy of you is the same in every way possible.
Or is it?
An evil twin is different from you simply because it is EVIL. It’s evil because it has no soul within it. It is merely a pain producing, heartless vessle at its core. Without a soul, you cannot feel love, and without love, life is a pretty gloomy place.
The fact is that there is no need to defeat your evil twin. Just by being alive you can already begin to feel a smug sense of superiority, simply because you are capable or loving and being loved.
My friends, everyone has the ability to love and be loved. The most difficult part is letting go of the evil twin inside of you.