"Almost love"
I heard this phrase not long ago, and at first, I found it hilarious.
How idiotic. How can you "almost love" someone? What a laughable concept.
But now I acknowledge that this is simply a different point of view on the same issue that I have struggled with many times. Could this concept of "almost love" be possible?
"Almost love" seems to suggest that there are different levels of love. You could love someone completely, love someone a little bit, or almost love them.
This goes against everything I have learned in my life, and yet it does make some sense. I was taught that you cannot love an inanimate object, such as a new shirt. Yet going by the theory of almost love, you COULD in fact love a shirt, if only a little bit.
To me, it is blasphemy to use the word "love" on something incapable of loving back, but could you say that you love a shirt a little bit?
What about using this theory on a person, someone who does love you back. Could you really say that you almost love the person? A month later, could you proudly announce that your feelings are now those of love, and not "almost love"?
This sounds like an excellent way of doing things, doesn’t it?
Completely love
Love a lot
Love a Litte.   
Almost Love
You begin at just liking a person. And then as you get to know the person more, you progress up the ladder.
This makes for quite a simple way of doing things, and this way there will be no more confusion between couples over the definition of "I love you", right?
I don’t like this. I don’t like it at all.
The 11 definitions of love in the dictionary are ridiculous enough, but now we have the gall to reduce love to the simplicity of a scale. Can a mere scale truly define love?
My friends and enemies alike who support the Theory of Almost Love, I would like to remind you of one thing:
The Theory of Almost Love was brought in for the purposes of simplicity and comprehension, but the minds behind this theory forgot one thing…
Love is not a simple thing to comprehend