You’ve heard it before:
The greater the risk, the greater the reward.
This can be related to anything, not just gambling on race horses. Some risks can be well taken.
There is no problem, for example, with asking a girl out. You risk rejection, but if you succeed, you will be incredibly happy for a month or two before the relationship inevitably ends in heartache. Then its the time to ask another girl out. Rinse and repeat.
A bigger risk to take is asking a girl to marry you. Odds are you have planned something big to set the stage for popping the question. If you get turned down at this stage, odds are that you’re going to be humiliated and possibly scarred for life. If you succeed, a lifetime of happiness awaits til death do you part.
But there are people who take insane risks. There are people who will give years of their life to a single person with the hope that they will get something out of it some day, far in the future. If they succeed, again, a lifetime of happiness awaits. But the odds are astronomically against these people. It is really worth it to put all your eggs in one basket like that, when success is about as likely as finding a needle in a haystack?
Everything you’ve worked for in a decade could be lost in a single day. Is a risk like that worth it?
I could die for the sake of the Union. Is what we’re doing worth the risk?
What would you put on the line for the greatest possible reward? Your house? Your money? Your life? Where is the line between what’s worth it and what isn’t?
Mates… Everything is worth it in the end. A gamble lost is a lesson gained. If you fear risk, you fear reward.
Shoot for the moon mates. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars.