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uh oh! UH OH! ITS KAK!

yeah, so s3c0ndh4nd said something about "finding an alternate reality" or something, God knows what he was talking about… probably another one of his crazy plots to find knowledge or love or some other gay thing…
Now I know what you’re thinking…
"When s3h gets back, you’re going to be in big trouble mister!"
To which I reply…
Please, what could s3c0ndh4nd do anyways? He’s a thinker, not a fighter.
Anyways yeah. Just letting you d00ds know who’s running the joint for the week so that you don’t freak out and think that s3c0ndh4nd has been doing some serious chemicals. KAK IS OUUTTTT.
Damn. It feels good to say that again.
What if you had one week away from reality? Away from everyone and everything you know. Detached from reality. You could be anyone you wanted, do anything you wanted, go anywhere you wanted. But only for one week. Then you’re back to reality.
I have decided to run an experiment of sorts on this issue. In our day and age, it is nearly impossible to entirely escape from everything, so I will settle for a partial detachment. I will isolate myself as much as possible from those I know now for one week, and see what happens. I will report back here in one week’s time, give or take several hours, with the results.
Hakuna Matata my friends.

Evil Twins

Today I ask you this:

How would you defeat your evil twin?

Someone who knows exactly what you know, is capable of the exact things you are, and has the same weaknesses as you, but uses their powers for evil, and not good.
At this point, you may be thinking "Ah. Clearly s3c0ndh4nd has run out of things to write about!", but you would be wrong.
It would not be an easy task, now would it.
Your Evil Twin knows exactly what you know, and could anticipate any plan you have to destroy it. Its mind is equal to yours, and it is capable of doing anything you could. It’s equally strong as you, equally popular, equally shy, etc. This copy of you is the same in every way possible.
Or is it?
An evil twin is different from you simply because it is EVIL. It’s evil because it has no soul within it. It is merely a pain producing, heartless vessle at its core. Without a soul, you cannot feel love, and without love, life is a pretty gloomy place.
The fact is that there is no need to defeat your evil twin. Just by being alive you can already begin to feel a smug sense of superiority, simply because you are capable or loving and being loved.
My friends, everyone has the ability to love and be loved. The most difficult part is letting go of the evil twin inside of you. 
"Almost love"
I heard this phrase not long ago, and at first, I found it hilarious.
How idiotic. How can you "almost love" someone? What a laughable concept.
But now I acknowledge that this is simply a different point of view on the same issue that I have struggled with many times. Could this concept of "almost love" be possible?
"Almost love" seems to suggest that there are different levels of love. You could love someone completely, love someone a little bit, or almost love them.
This goes against everything I have learned in my life, and yet it does make some sense. I was taught that you cannot love an inanimate object, such as a new shirt. Yet going by the theory of almost love, you COULD in fact love a shirt, if only a little bit.
To me, it is blasphemy to use the word "love" on something incapable of loving back, but could you say that you love a shirt a little bit?
What about using this theory on a person, someone who does love you back. Could you really say that you almost love the person? A month later, could you proudly announce that your feelings are now those of love, and not "almost love"?
This sounds like an excellent way of doing things, doesn’t it?
Completely love
Love a lot
Love a Litte.   
Almost Love
You begin at just liking a person. And then as you get to know the person more, you progress up the ladder.
This makes for quite a simple way of doing things, and this way there will be no more confusion between couples over the definition of "I love you", right?
I don’t like this. I don’t like it at all.
The 11 definitions of love in the dictionary are ridiculous enough, but now we have the gall to reduce love to the simplicity of a scale. Can a mere scale truly define love?
My friends and enemies alike who support the Theory of Almost Love, I would like to remind you of one thing:
The Theory of Almost Love was brought in for the purposes of simplicity and comprehension, but the minds behind this theory forgot one thing…
Love is not a simple thing to comprehend

Conversation #6

s3h: "Apostle, I need to speak with you"
Apo: "Yes, s3c0ndh4nd?"
s3h: "I now know how you can help me."
Apo: "And what must I do?"
s3h: "You, my friend, will help me to complete an important task"
Apo: "And what task would this be?"
s3h: "You will help me to finish what the God of Beer started years ago. You will help me to complete the mission of the Union."
Apo: "And what would this ‘mission’  be?"
s3h: "You shall know very soon, don’t worry… Everyone shall…"


You’ve heard it before:
The greater the risk, the greater the reward.
This can be related to anything, not just gambling on race horses. Some risks can be well taken.
There is no problem, for example, with asking a girl out. You risk rejection, but if you succeed, you will be incredibly happy for a month or two before the relationship inevitably ends in heartache. Then its the time to ask another girl out. Rinse and repeat.
A bigger risk to take is asking a girl to marry you. Odds are you have planned something big to set the stage for popping the question. If you get turned down at this stage, odds are that you’re going to be humiliated and possibly scarred for life. If you succeed, a lifetime of happiness awaits til death do you part.
But there are people who take insane risks. There are people who will give years of their life to a single person with the hope that they will get something out of it some day, far in the future. If they succeed, again, a lifetime of happiness awaits. But the odds are astronomically against these people. It is really worth it to put all your eggs in one basket like that, when success is about as likely as finding a needle in a haystack?
Everything you’ve worked for in a decade could be lost in a single day. Is a risk like that worth it?
I could die for the sake of the Union. Is what we’re doing worth the risk?
What would you put on the line for the greatest possible reward? Your house? Your money? Your life? Where is the line between what’s worth it and what isn’t?
Mates… Everything is worth it in the end. A gamble lost is a lesson gained. If you fear risk, you fear reward.
Shoot for the moon mates. If you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

The Wall

There is a wall that I have visited in the past. I visited the wall just to look at it. On the wall, there would often be words written out. The wisdom of the ages was written on this wall. In the past, the wall has taught me many things. 
"Change cannot occur unless there is something pre-existing to cause the change. The first change could not have occured unless there was a non-changing being to cause the change. We know that there is change in the world, and therefore, God exists."
So simple. And yet such a simple statement seems to prove with 100% certainty that there is a God out there. 
"He grew up in a poor area. He was raised by a young mother, and was the son of a carpenter. He had an ordinary childhood, and learned his father’s trade as he grew older. He never married, never had children, never traveled more than 150 miles from his hometown. Yet all the ships that have ever sailed, all the kings that had ever reigned, and all the warriors that have ever done battle have not changed the world as much as this one man did."
The wall has also taught me that God loves us, and that as long as God exists, true love can never fade entirely. The wall has shown me that there is hope for the future, as long as we have faith in God. The wall has been more of a teacher to me than anyone else in the past, giving me insight to new ideas, and showing me new ways to approach ideas that I have already pondered in the past.
The wall is blank now. It was called "vandalism", and wiped clean.
Isn’t it ironic how the world yearns for more teaching, more knowledge, and more wisdom, but when it is presented to us, we reject it.

The Screwup

It was one year ago that the Screwup’s fate was set in stone. July 3rd, 2005 was just another average day for the Screwup, until he was hit by the catastrophe that led to his suicide. He had nowhere to run, and should have been killed on the spot. Amazingly, he managed to survive 48 hours. In this time, he forgave his betrayer, forged a new foundation for The Union, and called s3c0ndh4nd to be his successor. Then he drew his blade and ended his life. This happened a mere 2 days before his first year would have ended, and a mere week before s3c0ndh4nd created this space. 
The Screwup can be called the beacon of hope for The Union. He always believed that the future would hold better things. He was born into a world that couldn’t care less whether he lived or died, and no one expected his life to last more than a week. But the Screwup somehow perserved, filled with the hope that things could be better in the future if he tried to make them so. And things did indeed improve for the Screwup. He was given great responsibilities, and reaped great rewards, but he always looked to see how he could make things better for both himself and others around him. Even when he was struck down by the catastrophe, he still believed that life could be made better. He spent the final hours of his life making sure life for me would be made good. Even as he plunged that blade into his heart, he believed that I could make life better, that I would be the one to lead The Union to victory. I do not intend to let him down.
The Screwup brought many things to the Union, the most important of which was his poetry. His style is far different from my own. He relies less on rhyming and more on the tone of the poem, almost all of his poems have a lighter tone that send a message of hope to the reader. I have decided to honour him by writing a poem not in my style, but in his.
It was a single act of stupidity,
A leap of faith,
That once birthed a hero.
He was the Screwup,
Never again shall a man like him be known.
Though his youth was a constant struggle for survival,
And his death a sudden, horrific event,
His life will be forever remembered as the Good Old Days.
Giving all he had for what he believed,
Never losing faith in victory, yet he was deceived.
A beacon of hope to all whom he passed,
But his joy was shortlived, and was not to last.
A tainted soul, once shining and bright
Trusted to him a story, yet kept from his sight
That the favour, freely given, would not be returned,
Yet all remained peaceful, until the day he learned.
Times became difficult, yet the Screwup perserved,
Accepted what little pay they thought he deserved.
Then one fateful day, the tragic news hit,
Sending the Screwup into a rageful fit.
Though he tried to survive and make it through,
In the end there was nothing more he could do.
Finally, seeing no more reason to live,
He decided on a final gift to give.
The gift of forgiveness, a start over new.
Wanted by many, but given by few.
And as his replacement there would be a new man.
Righteous yet rampant, they’d call him "s3c0ndh4nd"
And content with a heir and all his work done,
He drew his own blade and into his heart he plunged
the tip.
As he lay dying, a final prayer, his last whim,
That s3c0ndh4nd might end up better than him.
As he closed his eyes and breathed his last,
The Good Old Days descended to the past.
The Screwup, ever faithful, used each second well,
From his moment of birth to the moment he well.
He gave his life for the survival of The Union,
Now he and the God of Beer sing "Family Reunion".
Once betrayed by sins and friends and love,
Now guiding s3c0ndh4nd from heaven above.
And now, all concerned, please raise your cups,
And remember the Good Old Days,
The second hero of The Union,
The Screwup.
s3c0ndh4nd 02/17/06
Dedicated to The Screwup
Written on July 3rd, 2006
In memory of the Screwup
July 7th, 2004-July 5th, 2005
The beacon of light to us all.
Long Live the Good Old Days.