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Conversation #4

s3h: "Ok, its been a week… now please tell me what’s wrong.
Y: "It’s a long story… do you have time?"
s3h: "I’ve got all night, don’t worry. Besides, you know a ton about me, but I know almost nothing about you."
Y: "Then I shall start at the beginning…
 I am called ‘apostle’.
 I was born March 7th, 2005.
Like you, I had a reletively safe and happy childhood. I had no predecessors, but I was born into a world where I could have anything I wanted.
Nothing was beyond my grasp, or at least that’s what I thought.
From my point of view back then, everyone had a similar life.
Everyone in the world could have anything they wanted, at any time.
There was no struggle,
no war,
no pain,
no loss,
no sadness,
no anger,
no regrets,
no fear,
no famine,
no disease,
no murder,
and nothing bad could ever happen to anyone in this perfect world.
I was quite content with my perfect world for a while, but as I grew older I began venturing farther away from my protected home.
And I noticed that people didn’t act as if they were happy.
In fact, some people were living completely shitty lives.
There were people who lived without food, or a roof on their heads.
I saw people go off to fight wars, and not knowing why they were fighting.
There was corruption everywhere.
And so I began to count my blessings more often.
But the longer I was around these people, the more it got me thinking that I hadn’t earned what I had.
If I hadn’t been given these things, I would probably be in their position too…
But one day I saw something that completely changed my way of thinking.
I was walking in the park around mid afternoon, near the beginning of summer, and there was a man just standing there.
I didn’t pay much attention to him until he drew a sword.
And stabbed himself.
At first I was in shock and I wasn’t sure of what I had just seen.
Then I saw him fall and a pool of blood surround him.
And I ran to see if I could help him.
By the time I got there, he was delirious
 I don’t even know if he saw me.
But he seemed to look at me and mouth the words:
"God is forever"
I don’t know what that means, but those were the man’s last words…
Then he smiled and died…
I will never forget that day…
From then on, I decided to give everything I could to helping those who are in need.
And I met you in that same park, and you looked in need of some assistance…
What were you doing in that park anyways?
People rarely go there anymore…
What’s going on?
Why are you crying?

Rant #5: Wastes of Space

Alright you cocksuckers!
Time for another one of meh rants.
This one is taken down a notch from previous ones, but nonetheless…
What’s a waste of space? Something that takes up time, energy, and space that could be better put to some other usage.
Why have all the good URLS been taken by shitty organizations? is a website for the Ontario Mega Finance Group. To their credit, this was a deliberate attempt to "wow" customers, but still… There goes one potentially useful URL. is the website for the World Taekwondo Federation. Fuck them. …well… Good for a quick laugh, BUT WHERES THE FUCKING PR0N???111one??slash
At least im not
However, I am impressed that several other sites got some good names.
Sadly it is against teh rules of msnspaces to post links to pr0n sites. Sorry kiddies.
toll booths.
You know those dudes who sit in toll booths every day, wait for you to hand them some money, and then raise a gate so your car can pass through? 
Imagine that job. These people are not only making minimum wage, but most of them are probably unhappy with their job, except for a few who have no greater joy than pushing buttons…
Replace them with machines. Preferably armed pirate ninja robots with lasers. Fuck up and get your car blasted to hell. Otherwise these robots would be friendly, and would have a purpose.
Hockey teams.
2 Teams in florida?
At last count there were 7 hockey fans in Nashville, and 60 others that they paid to go to games to make it look less pathetic.
fuck gary bettman.
Go Flames Go.
Playoffs starting, I can’t be in a bad mood:D

Conversation #3

s3h: "So what’s been bothering you recently?"
Y: "It’s nothing…"
s3h: "Well clearly it’s something. You’ve been quiet this whole week…"
Y: [sighs] " I don’t know… Its just something that happened a long time ago…"
s3h: "Can you tell me?"
Y: "I’d rather not… not yet anyways…"
s3h: "Oh come on… you have to trust SOMEone… why not me?"
Y: "Its not that I don’t trust you, its just that its something I don’t feel comfortable sharing"
s3h: "Pain is like a burp. Better out than in right?" [grins widely]
Y: [laughs] "You’re a persistant one, aren’t you?"
s3h: "That’s what we’re known for" [grins]
Y: "Alright, alright… I’ll tell you… but not today"
s3h: "Fair enough"
Y: "When we next meet, I will tell you. Until then, good night."
s3h: "Good night…"

myspace lawl?

I have myspace now. Mine’s shitty, I need to learn HTML.
BUT. CONTINUES to be my main site.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Alices myspace is gay.

Some thoughts in my head.

NOTE: This entry is entirely separate from anything related to The Saga.
Ok, so there’s something bugging me right now, but I don’t know what it is exactly… and when that happens it means that I need to blog. So here goes.
First, some stuff that happened over the weekend…
So on Saturday, my good friend Mihai Bogza calls me. I hadn’t talked to him in a while, so it was a bit of a surprise, but nonetheless…
He calls me to invite me paintballing.
WELL. I’d never done that before, but I decided to go.
It was fun. I got shot in the leg. But that’s not the important part. What’s important here is that I met an actor there. I doubt many of you watch the show (I don’t either), but it was a kid from the show "Darcy’s Wild Life". His name was Andrew.
Cool kid, actually. He overheard me talking about Counterstrike and said, with some shock "YOU PLAY COUNTERSTRIKE?" We chatted a bit about the game, and then his team kicked my team’s ass in paintball.
Now this got me thinking.
My health teacher one taught us that we should look to make a good impression on those around us. He told us that since we can’t take any material things with us, it’s better to make a lot of friends in life so that people will remember us at our funeral and say "He was a good guy".
Sounds reasonable right?
What a dumbfuck he is.
By the time we die, if we die old, half of our friends won’t be there at our funerals. Our parents won’t be, same with our grandparents. Only our kids and grandkids will remember us.
Thats all. We are remembered for 2 generations, and only by a select few people.  
Think about it. Can you remember your great grandfather? Even if he was alive when you were born, you probably don’t remember very much about him. He isn’t remembered for being "a good guy" anymore, is he?
So there really isn’t much point in being labeled as "a good guy". I’d prefer to be remembered as "Michael Danese".
I expressed this point with my health teacher and you know what he said?
FIRST he accused me of only saying that to get the attention of the rest of the class.
Then when I told him that wasn’t the case, he said:
"Then I feel sorry for you if you think that way."
What a dumbfuck.
I don’t want any useless label applied to me. And ALL labels are useless, since they fade away.
Consider this:
What is Albert Einstein remembered as? He’s remembered as "Albert Einstein", not "a good guy"
What is Adolf Hilter remembered as? Not "a good guy", but "Adolf Hitler"
Mahatma Ghandi?
George Washington?
Christopher Columbus?
These people aren’t as "good guys". These people,  even though they’ve been dead 50 plus years, are remembered by not only their friends, but countless people around the world.
Which brings me to my point.
This actor has already made a mark on the world. At such a young age, he’s already changed the world. Not as much as Ghandi or Hitler, but he has surely influenced people.
If someone watches that show, they’ve been influenced. Yes, I acknowledge that the guy doesn’t write his own lines, and that there is a script writer somewhere.
But that script writer is a nameless, faceless being that no one ever finds out about. And so we attribute the line to the young actor. And there! He is immortal! Not on the same scale as Einstein or anything, but he will be remembered by people other than his friends any family, and he could be remembered much longer if he has greater successes later in life.
That’s what I want.
All through my life so far, I’ve wanted that. I don’t care about being famous, but I want to be remembered.
I want to influence people everywhere, not just my friends.
I want to do something with my life that will be remembered, even something small.
I want people to remember me for what I did.
There are so many ways to be remembered.
You could become Prime Minister.
You could write a book.
You could become an actor.
You could become a musician.
You could invent something.
You could cure cancer.
You could win a Nobel Prize.
You could discover life in the universe.
You could create world peace.
You could play professional sports.
You could do so much more than these.
But so few of those options are attractive to me.
What really worries me is that for every one person who succeeds and gets remembered, there are tens of thousands who die everyday that no one hears about… These people are remembered by a few people for now, but in 50 years they will have faded, as if they never existed…
I don’t want to fade away.
I don’t know how I’m going to be remembered, or what I’m going to be remembered for.
But that’s everyone’s ultimate goal, I guess…
To become immortal.

Conversation #2

The same two voices were again recorded last night in the same room that they were first heard in. X has been identified as s3c0ndh4nd, but voice Y is still unidentified.
s3h: "Well, that’s about all there is to say."
Y: "I do find it a bit difficult to believe…"
 s3h: "That’s to be expected, of course, but I assure you that it is the truth."
Y: "Then this ‘Union’… this project that you speak of… could I help?"
s3h: "No and yes. No, I cannot make you a part of The Union, but yes, I believe you can help me. Not only that, but I believe that you were destined to help me."
Y: "How so?"
s3h: "I doubt it was mere coincidence that we met under the circumstances that we did. Clearly, Fate has some special purpose for our meeting. Whether it was merely for you to assist me in this undertaking or some far greater purpose, I do not know."
Y: "I do wish to help you s3c0ndh4nd, but you haven’t yet told me HOW I can help…"
s3h: "I do not know yet how you can help. All I know is that sometime soon, I will need you, and I hope that you’ll be there for me when I do."
Y: "I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon… but the others that you told me about… surely they would be angry if they found out that you had brought me here, especially since I’m-"
s3h: "Yes, that is a problem. Eventually they will suspect something, but for now you must remain hidden from them. It is getting late however. Should we call it a night?"
Y: "May I ask you one more thing?"
s3h: "And what would that be?"
Y: "…Never mind… It’s nothing…"
s3h: "Is something bothering you?"
Y: "Truth be told, yes, but I would prefer not to talk about it now…"
s3h: "Are you sure?"
Y: "Yes…"
s3h: "Fine, but I’m always available if you need to talk to me, understand?"
Y: "Yes, thank you." [smiles]  "Goodnight s3c0ndh4nd."
s3h: "Goodnight."


…Two people were heard talking inside the Temple on the 29th of March, 2006. The speakers in the following excerpt of the conversation are distinguished as X and Y:
X: "Tell me… what is it that you wish to accomplish during your stay here? Why is it that you have agreed to help me?"
Y: "Well, when someone is in need, wouldn’t you help them?"
X: "Depends on who it is" [laughs]
Y: "Well, you appeared to be in need of assistance, so I decided to help. Its not much more complicated than that…"
X: "That was… nice of you to help me…"
Y: "But I think I should know a few things about you… What is your name? And what help do you request of me?
X: "I am called s3c0ndh4nd…"
Y: "Nice to meet you Mr. s3c0ndh4nd"
X: [winces] "Please, just call me s3c0ndh4nd"
Y: [laughs] "Okay s3c0ndh4nd, but please tell me what you meant to accompish by writing the letters G O D all over the sandbox in the park… I think you scared off quite a few mothers…"
X: "I’m used to having that type of effect on people…"
Y: "Well why don’t you tell me your story then?"
X: "My story? I haven’t had to tell anyone that since… [trails off]
X: "No, I’m sorry… I cannot tell you…"
Y: "Why not? You can trust me!"
X: "Thats what they all said…"
Y: "Well I’m not them! Whoever they are…"
X: [laughs] "I just met you, and you expect me to trust you with something like that?
Y: "Well you gotta take risks sometime, dont ya?"
X: "…"
Y: "s3c0ndh4nd?"
X: "Do you have time?"
Y: "As much as you need" [smiles]
X: "Then I will begin right from the beginning…"