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Membership has increased well this week overall. We are receiving more human support, and are grateful for the help e are receiving. Also it was come to our attention that the frog species would like to join the ranks of the OMGWTFPA… It seems that they are a little annoyed at having their legs cut of and prepared by humans, and would like to help us defend against the potential attack. If we decide to include them in our organization it would provoke the first name change, as we would no longer be only penguin assassins. But for now the name remains. That is all for now. May peace last between all animals for enternity, and may the savage humans be stopped.
                                                                                                  -Michael Danese, CEO and founder of OMGWTFPA

:( what a shame..

This sucks, I make no difference, I try to help people, but all i amount to is fucking nothing…
Im sorry… its not my fault that i want to help people… like i honestly apologize to you… but i cant help it… i dont like change… i never have… sorry… i couldnt stop trying to help if i tried… it just bugs me how nothing i do seems to amount to anything… if i dropped dead on the spot, it wouldnt make any fucking difference to you… just move on and forget im here… but i wish that i could somehow get through to you…  i cant though, ive made no difference, but i try anyways…
What a fuckhead i am… why do i still hang around? oh yeah, i remember why…
ETC ETC ETC ETC ET-FUCKING-CETERA… thats why… i cant help it… i just wish i could help you…

OMGWTFPA Announcement-Oct. 24

The RSDP has declared us an enemy. However, we have no intention of attacking humans at the moment… however, we are prepared to retaliate if threatened. As well, "OMGWTFPA" is just a temporary name, as our organization is still quite young. As we grow in both members and strength, there will almost certainly be several name changes. Once an official name is decided upon, you will be the first to know. If you should have any questions or inquiries about our organization’s mission, tactics, current research projects, or the like, you may leave your inquiries below and i will respond in the next announcement. Thank you for your support.
                                                                                                     -Michael Danese, CEO and founder of OMGWTFPA
what a week that was… awesome and horrible at the same time… it was so weird… EVERYTHING went my way… my 2 biggest dickhead teachers seemingly stopped giving homework, i aced assignments that i should’ve failed… i made it through 2 days of religion class without a book due to a supply teacher, followed by a pop quiz the next day… I was able to avoid being caught for being out of uniform… had a ton of time after school for friends and other stuff, i wasnt depressed once during the week… and the list goes on and on… i had good luck no matter what i did, as if i couldnt fail and nothing coulkd hurt me… In fact the worst thing that happened to me this week was a paper cut… but even the paper cut was mild, and didnt hurt after 10 minutes…
i wasnt depressed at all during the week… but i sure as hell wasnt happy… which is also weird, considering things rarely go my way, and this week EVERYTHING went my way… you’d think i’d have been happy about it… but i wasnt… it was like i had no soul or something… without misery i cant seem to be happy… i dont understand it, so i doubt you guys will… i know that its over and its going to be miserable again now… but im glad… maybe its that i enjoy being miserable, but i think its cuz i enjoy feeling pathetic and sorry for myself… meh… im fucked in the head, oh well…
im miserable again… but i couldnt be happier about it 


so having blogged for a while, so i will now:)
FIRSTLY, the SMC dance… well, what can i say, it was a freakin dance, wasnt great, wasnt bad… actually it was the same as every other dance ive been to, only more so… the lack of supervision was awesome, and you could probably have gotten away with murder in there, but i didnt do much to take advantage of it… nope, instead i just walked around, seeing most of the people there grinding, and then having to hear about it from them afterwards… well, wasnt that fun:) made me feel just a LITTLE pathetic… actually i didnt even TRY to grind, but still, IF I WANTED TO, odds are i wouldnt have gotten to anyways:) 
but hey, im used to it by now:)
next on the list, missed opportunities… oh yes, im used to these too, and odds are i’ll rant about them sooner or later, but for now, i’ll simply say this… DONT MISS OPPORTUNITIES:| especially y’know, the big opportunities, cuz you’ll just want to stab yourself later for those… so yup, more on those later, but for now, i leave you with a question to ponder:)
ok kiddies, who can answer this one? what do you do if the fire estinguisher or fire hydrant is on fire?

Rant #2: picking sides

OK… well its been 3 months since rant #1, but thats because everything i got pissed at something and started to create rant #2, people tended to stop me from hating what they were doing and i had no reason to finish the rant. BUT NOW IM PISSED OFF AGAIN… and today i’m bitching at people who pick sides…
OK, first of all, picking sides in major fights is just wrong, because the fight is generally between 2 people and it should stay between two people to keep the fight fair… if one is losing the fight, YOU DONT FUCKING CALL BACKUP:| thats bullshit and unbalances shit… if you’re trying to prove that you’re better than someone, beat the shit out of them yourself, dont have other people do it for you…
SECONDLY! in case of some sort of team competition, DONT EVER FUCKING SWITCH TEAMS/SIDES DURING THE GAME! you’ll piss one of the teams off and they’ll end up kicking the crap out of you later in a worse way. what pisses me off most of all is people who switch sides temporarily before switching back. Its annoying, it pisses people off, and you’re not getting any more love that way:)
FINALLY! a quick note here… dont take that part above literally, im not talking about sports or scraps… its on a social level that im ranting about… dont switch friends every 2 days because one has temporary dandruff, dont join rivalries between two people, AND DONT EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, DECIDE TO GET REALLY PISSED OFF AT SOMEONE BECAUSE OF A SINGLE SLIP UP… cuz guess what? EVERYONE FUCKS UP SOMETIMES! i do more than most people, believe me, but you cant go and ditch someone as a friend because they slip up once… and if you are enough of a fuckhead to do that, dont ever go back on that. If you’re not gonna be someones friend, decide that and have no contact from the person from then on, and if not, then stay, forgive the person, AND LIVE WITH IT:|
Don’t go "oh mike i can see why people make fun of you… ur a real jerk and really annoying sometimes" and forgive me the next day:) if you mean that, then GOODBYE! I NEVER WANT TO SEE OR TALK TO YOU AGAIN! i dont NEED, and i dont WANT people like you in my life so do me a favour and get the fuck out. If you’re gonna hate me, say it once, i’ll get the picture, but i never want to hear from you again please. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you do something like that… s3c0ndh4nd is outtt

whoa:| (more wishes:|)

whhhhhhoooooaaaaaaaaaaa… weird mood at the moment… i dunno…
i was really hyper a few minutes ago and not anymore and im sleepy and im sad that i cant make as much of a difference in peoples lives as i wish i could and i wish that i could find more ways to help people when they need me and i wish that i would stop ranting on about random wishes and i wish that i knew what wishes i already said before so i dont repeat them… i wish i wouldnt get jealous when people succeed… i wish i wouldnt pray for people to fail… i wish that the world wasnt such an ugly place… i wish i knew when bad things would happen… i wish that i didnt get pissed off at friends for no reason whatsoever… i wish that i stopped losing friends for stupid reasons… i wish it wasnt my fault that i keep losing friends for stupid reasons… i wish i could live up to my potential… i wish i could do what i want sometimes… i wish people werent so mean spirited… i wish my math teacher hadnt spent a whole lesson discussing how to make a turkey sandwich when math class is right before lunchtime… i wish i hadnt been born sometimes, i wish i was dead sometimes, and i wish i wasnt me sometimes, but i always wish that i knew why i was born, why im not dead, and why the fuck i am stuck in the wasteless cell thats called "me"

stupid turkeys…

WHY CANT I SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE?????? cuz i’m surrounded by turkeys…
and in other news, thanksgiving in canada was today, except our family celebrated that yesterday… so a lot of family came over… wasnt enormus fun… and i had to play guitar for pplz:| now, i wouldn’t care so much about that except that im not very good yet, so yeah:P but it didnt take too long for them to convince me to play, so i did, probably messed it up badly, but oh well, theres always next thanksgiving…
on a more serious note, an update on my nonno who had a bladder infection when we returned from cuba… he needs an operation… so im hoping everything goes well, because my nonno is one of my closest relatives and i would be completely inconsolable if anything were to happen… so yeah, i’m praying…
BUT! i hate ending blogs on serious notes…SO HERES A LESS SERIOUS NOTE!
^^^^well there it is, a less serious note
what? were you expecting a funny comment or piece of advice to young impressionable minds?
ok fine… but only because i love you guys
AND REMEMBER KIDDIES… You can’t have manslaughter without laughter, and its only a crime if someone catches you
PS! HANAA! IM STEALING SOME OF UR RANDOM PICS FOR DPS:D and make sure you dont block cuz thats ME:D

damn them minnasotans…

For those of you eho know me well, you know that i damn many cultures…manitobans and mexicans especially:| those damn mexicans:| BUT today i need to damn the minnasotans… or whatever people from minnasota are called:| why you may ask? simply because hockey is back… AND that means that its time for my team to win the cup… and once again, those of you who know me know that i’m a fan of the calgary flames and have been for most of my life… AND THEN! THOSE DAMN MINNASOTANS HAVE TO WIN THE SEASON OPENER 6-3:| DAMN THOSE MINNASOTANS, DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL! well, we beat the bluejackets at least, so the columbusians are safe from my wrath:) anddddddd the leafs are busy disappointing our fair city… as they’ve been doing for the last 38 years or so… yup yup, and a fireball has destroyed half of france today… and former president richard nixon’s corpse climbed out of its grave and strangled gerald ford… and s3c0ndh4nd ended a blog with the word "out"
dont go to disney world, but if you do, dont go on that ride… otherwise you will have to hear that song for 9 straight minutes in 15 languages:| not a pretty sight… and i think they even sell t-shirts now that say "i survived its a small world" or maybe it was just a nightmare:| annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyways…… my random thoughts for the day
firstly, the science thing that i wasted much of my weekend on… i go to school monday, and the science teacher says "oh, i forgot to tell you… your projects will be due tuesday" …………….well you can imagine my mood after that… and THEN to rub salt in my wounds i learn that i’ve done most of it wrong and will have to re-do it……… but i decided not to do it on monday night, and so i come in on tuesday (today) with a completely incorrect paper, and the teacher says "well, your science projects will be due thursday now:)….. HOLAY FUCK:|:|:|:|:|:|:|
anyways, another thought here… why is the world so fucking small? like why do people you hate and hope will die a slow painful death so you can go to their funeral and piss in their corpses mouth suddenly reappear in the worst places? AND why do the people who seem so normal suddenly go insane and death threat anyone who goes withing 2 metres of them?
FURTHERMORE! why am i so dumb? it is a question that has puzzled many great scientists, so if anyone could answer that question, i’d much appriciate it…. oh, and anything thats like "BECAUSE YOU SMELL BAD" is not a good answer, thank you… i’m well aware of that fact, but im sure it has nothing to do with the reason i know nothing, thank you:)
ANDDDDDDDD yeah, its late, i need rest… DAMNED NEED OF SLEEP:| another way we get screwed over by god:)
and remember kiddies… cats that tick are often not cats at all… so if your cat is ticking, you are probably blind:) out