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Jungle Madness and Misc.

Aha… i just remembered a random joke about cologne that i’m not going to repeat here because no one would find it funny:) hehehe… jungle madness… thank you tiger dude:)
I’m sorry by Blink 182 is stuck in my head…. so odds are i’ll randomly send it to you, cuz i’ve got nothing better to do:)
an update on the poetry writing contest… so yes, my poem is being published in a book, and if i make the top ten, i win i think $100 as well as a free copy of the book… although its unlikely that i’ll make the top ten anyway, but we’ll have to see what happens…
I’m no longer broke… a cheque for $3500 has come in the mail for me:) this will buy a good computer, webcam, and other miscellaneous shit that i probably dont need but will buy anyways:) unless my dad resricts my spending, in which case some stuff will have to be put on hold… but i hope to get an electric guitar and a basic amp with the money as well… i pray for that…
life is speeding up again… and i like it:) i used to hate it, but now i realise that the speed that my life used to have was a good thing, so hopefully life will continue to move fast and keep me occupied:)
I’m now taking music twice a day (or english)… math has become music2 or english2, because its a great time to write out song lyrics and poems… hopefully i’ll be able to post a few of them shortly:)
and there was something else i wanted to say, but i cant remember it and i’ll save it for another blog if i remember because i alread had 5 "ands", and i cant put more than 5:) i’m out… and remember… YOUR MOMS A FUCKING WHORE:|


wow… its gone:| apparently i gave up a lot of stuff that i had, just cuz i wanted more… and god doesnt like that:) so he takes it away… hes up there laughing now… HAHAHAHA HOW DO YOU LIKE IT NOW, BITCH!… yup, hes laughing… stupid greed… i hope i put that on my list of bad emotions… if not, its going on right now in capital letters…

i wish that everything was easy to understand in life… i wish that i always knew for sure if what i’m doing is right or wrong… i wish i knew what i had to do so that i wouldnt get screwed over by god… i wish that people would explain EXACTLY what they mean, so that theres no confusion… i wish i wasnt such an ass… i wish i could change the world and make people see who i am… i wish i could go back in time to fix some bad choices… i wish i hadnt made those mistakes in the first place… i wish i wasnt so smart… i wish i was the best friend anyone could have… i wish i wasnt such a great friend… i wish i wasnt such a contradiction… i wish i never got jealous or greedy… i wish i wasnt so impulsive… i wish i wasnt so outgoing in front of strangers… i wish i wasnt so shy… i wish i wasnt such a contradiction… i wish i didnt repeat myself… i wish things were different for everyone… i wish bad people got what they deserve… i wish good people were rewarded… i wish god gave a shit… i wish that wishes could come true…



i wish i wasn’t crying right now… 

:)…:|…:(…:'(… x_x

its been a crazy few days… and its gone from bad to worse… well, it started out well… i was
wtf:| this just in… one of my shittiest poems is a finalist in a poetry contest:S what the hell is that:S The fact that my parents are reading it isnt so great, but fortunatly it wasnt my best work… or maybe thats unfortunate, because this might not place too well in the final judging, wheras my best work might stand a chance… its being published in a book, and also they want me to be a judge for next years contest:S oh well, more on this later… back to my current blog…
i was hyper and crazy and etc for one day… great feeling, loved it… the next day, i get my first assignment back, for geography, and whadda ya know, its a 64! so i know my dads gonna kill me… and he does get pissed off like you wouldnt believe, and talks about how im not gonna get into med school with marks like that… and i tell him that i dont WANT to go to med school and become a doctor… and i dont want to become a lawyer, accountant, engineer, or anything else he wants me to be… he gets mad and theres a lot of fighting and family feud… i wont go into details, suffice to say i was crying for over 2 hours, and felt like shit for the rest of that day… then today… i still feel like shit, but things seem to be looking up… and then i’m hit with a wave of depression, and i’m thinking that everyone and everything is just so fucking fake… nothing of this seems to be real, and it seems like everyone has been lying to me for as long as i can remember… fuck i hate this… and then just a few minutes ago i get that notice about the poetry thing… and it makes me think… i summitted that same poem for a school wide contest, and got nothing… not even an honorable mention (4th place for grade 6-8) it wasnt my best work, but it was better than the poems about rainbows and happy bunnies that the happy-go-lucky winners put out… actually, come to think of it, everyone who won wrote a happy poem… there were no poems about pain… so mine didnt win out of 30 kids, and yet mine does win against about 1000? obviously the teachers pulled some biased bullcrap… and it was all fake… thats all life is… fucking fake… stop it, i cant take much more… out…

-_- :)

well it was a week of the same thing day after day, but i’m actually in a good mood… nothing bad really happened, even though not much good happened either… but i finally got some got songs that i havent heard since i was like 8 or 10 fun fun… and i have a guitar lesson later today, but otherwise, life is being boring… hoping for some exciting events this weekend… anyways, i’ll be out for now


well i’m back from wanakita and i have to say… that was almost… fun:|
a lot of weird things happened there… and i sorta enjoyed it…
AND:| i met a dude who knew alice… and i learned a lot of INTERESTING stuff about her hehehe…
but i’ll save that for later… for now, heres my not so brief summary of my week…
First day was pretty boring… got on coach bus at 8 and watched doctor dolittle on the bus… sat through a boring orientation… went to cabins… ate shitty food… played some odd games… thats really about it for the day… but at night, we all stayed up late (or 5 of us did anyway) and told stories… mostly about girls… so when i had to tell a story, it was the story of a pig whore named alice and as some random twist of fate would have it, someone asked "alice lalas?" and i was like  HOW DO YOU KNOW HER??? and he was like "i went to school with her" and then i asked him to tell me some other shit about alice… and he was more than happy to give me loads of shit about alice i’ll go into detail about that some other time though on another note, the dude who was supposed to check if we were asleep (Mr. Fifield:| ) never showed up… so i joked that a bear had eaten him… and for the next five days i was laughing randomly about it whenever the image of a man being swallowed whole by a bear crept into my mind… but anyways… eventually we all drifted to sleep on the shitty, sandy matresses…
Day 2
Also a fairly boring day… woke up at 7:30… some people polar dipped:| crazy bastards:| getting up at 7:00 to jump in a freezing cold lake:| oh well, it wasnt me, so i was happy:) anyways, we ate a shitty breakfast and set off for a high ropes course… DAMN THAT WAS SCARY FUCKING SHIT:|:| geez, that scared that crap out of me:| archery followed… then an even shittier lunch… After this we had a session on lighting things on fire… which was fun of course we did rock climbing afterwards, and surprisingly i made it to the top… after this we went back to our cabins to await a shitty dinner… except i fell asleep… and i didnt wake up until after dinner… and i only woke up when some guy started dropping water on me and yelled "WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY SHIT!" the story of the guy who missed dinner spread throughout camp, and everyone knew who the sleepy shit was by 10:00… but no one was hostile about it, surprisingly:| anyways, that night was more of the same… telling random stories about girls and whatever… but i was quickly getting known as the guy who knew all the retarded girls and had the retarded-but-funny stories… and after that we questioned our cabin leader (vince) about his sister
 Is she hot?
Are you sure?
 whats her bra size
What would you do if one of us banged her?
"I’d shove a stick up your ass and out your mouth, stick a tube into your dick hole and put hot soup into it, and force you to drink it" 
yeah… you get the picture… anyways yeah, thats about it for day two…
Day 3
This was actually an exciting day… some dude named fuzco came into our cabin with a megaphone and woke us all up and forced us to polar dip… if we resisted we were thrown in… so yeah, better to go out on your own terms>.< anyways, vince decided that eating contests were a good way to decide who has to clean up the table(s) after dinner… so we had to eat cheese without using our hands… but the food was beyond brutal and i threw up during 2 of the eating contests… the mashed potatoes contest and the chicken eating contest… it wasnt pleasant… anyways, on this day we did the low ropes course, which is where the most retarded, funny, and talked about thing at camp happened… and of course i was the cause of it we had to swing on a rope from one platform to another… except i grabbed way too low on the rope and instead if swinging, i went almost straight downward and smashed my knee on a rock… it bled for a while, and it STILL hurts like a son of a bitch… but it was fucking hilarious after getting medical treatment i went back and crossed the platform, making sure to grab high up on the rope this time:| anyways, after that, the clouds got really threatening… and it started to rain… and then it started to pour:| i havent seen it rain that hard for a loooooooong time… especially since i missed the flood earlier in the summer but rather than running for shelter, i went out into the rain and sung "dancing for rain" at the top of my lungs yeah… fun… anyways, after that we did an indoor carnival thingy… which was too fucking awesome to explain in a blog, you’d have to be there to see how fun it was… but it invovled flour on peoples’ faces and raw eggs breaking all over the place fun fun… anyways once again i stayed up late and night and told random stories… but I looked pretty pathetic that night for reasons i will not explain, and was stripped of all remaining shreds of dignity i had left… but it was still funny oh, and i wrote a song lyric (no music) some time during that day… and thats about it… 
Day 4
This day was also interesting… i tripped over nothing a few times and stubbed my toe on a rock, causing me to swear at the top of my lungs and the whole camp probably heard me, but one teacher just came and asked if i was ok and warned me to watch my language… yeah… we went canoeing and kayaking which was wet, cold, unstable, and just overall unpleasant… but later in the day is when things got a bit more interesting… first there was a mass where we were distributed candles… and anyone who knows me knows that giving me fire is an incredibly stupid mistake… i spent most of the mass melting wax and burning myself with it… but some of the things the preist said got through to me, making me a bit depressed… but that faded at the campfire, which was another thing too awesome to describe in a blog… but it involved teachers singing, random skits, one with a lion king reference thrown in, a shitty (but still appriciated) version of green day’s "good riddance" and overall chaos, noise, and fun… then there was a slideshow presentation of the week at camp… and this really depressed the crap out of me… i realised that i really dont belong or fit in with all the high spirited st. mikes boys, and it just really made me want to go home… the last night was quiet in comparison to the other nights, although we stayed up late… i only had one last story left, and after that we pretty much all talked about useless crap until we fell asleep…
Day 5
This was the day of the "Eco challange", which is like a huge relay race involving different events… i had the 3-legged race event, which might have been a bad choice considering i can hardly balance on 2 legs, and being tied to another guy couldnt have helped… well anyways, the eco challenge started bad, because the guy who volunteered to do the 750 metre swim was crap… in fact he never even passed swimming level 3, and so his best stroke was the doggy paddle… and doggy paddle he did… all 750 metres>.< so we started off in second last out of 13 teams… we caught up quite a bit and managed to pull into 6th place, but unfortuatly the three legged race didnt go well… it didnt really go bad at all, it just that a few of the other teams were almost sprinting it out:| and the fire building section later dropped us from 5th place to second last again… and the so called "expert" canoers that we had got rammed from behind by the last place team, dropping us to last place, and since canoeing was the last event… well… you can guess which position out of 13 our team came in… even though i specifically told the canoers to ram a spike through the opposing boats hull to sink them, they had to be goody-goody, and even up getting rammed themselves:| dumbasses… anyways, after that we had a final shitty meal before packing up and leaving… and one of our 5 buses broke down so we only had 4 to cram the 220 or so students into… we were supposed to arrive around 4:00, but due to delays, we didnt home until about 4:40… but not before watching dodgeball and happy gilmore… especially bob barker beating the crap out of happy gilmore and i was afraid that no one was going to come to pick me up because i had forgotten to tell my parents what time to pick me up… and forgotten to call them at all during the trip:| but fortunatly my zia was there and everything was fine… and i got home in one piece
 except for tetherball injuries>.<
WOW:| if you read all that, you just wasted a long while of your life:| anyways, i’m back and happy to be back… but for now i’m out


but i’m not laughing… i’m gone for a week, and i’m gonna miss you all… out…
I’m in tears now… its all fucked… the whole world… my parents… my friends… me… we’re all fucked up… and god… once again i’m questioning god… why do you do this to us? why do you have to make puzzles with no solutions without people being hurt… why does god set things up so that theres no way anyone could win? we all want the same thing, but some were born with a massive advantage and some were disadvantaged in a big way… its not right… and its not right that the winners in life outnumber the losers 1000/1 and those of us who deserve and try our best to succeed end up being stopped in some way by parents or other force beyond control and end up being losers… its just not right… theres no way to fight it, and giving in to it only makes life worse… its a fucked up world mates…we’re a fucked up generation… nothing is as it should be… we’re all heading for that same goal and the others who work way harder than me… i see them fall and it hurts… there are points in time when you want to see other people succeed just because they deserve to be the king of the world because of how hard they work for it… dammit its fucked… parents are in the way, crushing everything… nothing is how it should’ve been… and theres no one i can blame for it… i’m out…


uh… went on a bike ride today with friends… and it didnt depress me as much as bike rides usually do:P but it still depressed me… and damn… my hyperness is wearing off… geez, ALICE GET UR ASS ONLINE NOW BEFORE I GO ALL DEPRESSED!! HURRY! OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

hmmm… i’m alive?

yes, as it turns out, i survived the first 2 days of high school… unfortunatly however, my computer time is going to be reduced from monday-friday due to my father… if you wish to egg his window only, its on the top floor, right side… the left side is my room and if and egg splats on it i will personally rend you limb from limb well, now that the pleasentries are done with, ill continue… so computer time will be reduced and my free text messaging expires on either the 26th or 28th, so it will be cheeper to call me EVEN IF YOU HATE CALLING ME:|:|:| you’ll have to call me if you want to stay in touch, otherwise i’ll take it that i was right and that you DO want me out 
GRRRR MAN (yeah, i said that… bitch please)
me and all my old friends from my old school got back together at our old school for a small reunion… AND ALL EXCEPT ONE (the jew) SHOWED UP it was fun to see all my old friends again, and it brought back a lot of memories of fun we had… we acted crazy together just like old times it made me think… thats exactly what we used to do during recess… everyday 3 times a day for 8 school years… over half of my life… and we took it for granted… recesses came so often that i guess it became sort of like routine… but we never knew how much we’d miss it… after 8 years of wackiness at st. clare, its a shock to realise that we’ll never have that again… our recesses together might only be once a month now… its only been one and a half days at high school, but i already really miss all my old friends… and my old school… if i had known i would feel like this back in grade eight, i would’ve made the most out of each and every one of those days with my friends… but it’s too late for that now…
i will decorate my locker with pictures of friends… call it girlie to do that or whatever but i need something to remember everyone by… its such a different experience with only guys in the school… like in the hallways where the lockers are guys will just drop their pants and take their shirts off and theres go girls there to giggle or comment about it…
one weird thing that i noticed about st. mikes is that although its an all guys school, there are girls washrooms in the hallways:| for what, the 3 or 4 staff members that are women, 2 of which are secretaries and dont even enter the hallways?!? so pretty much the french teacher has her own private washroom! weird… i’d love a private washroom though…
i’ve got no more thoughts, but as i said before, all things are done in fives, therefore, 5 alsos
well, actually 15 if you add them up, but thats another story, THE POINT IS THAT BETWEEN THIS PARAGRAPH AND THE PREVIOUS ONE THERE ARE FIVE CAPITALIZED ALSOS:| geez, so picky you people are… s3c0ndh4nd is out

Last Blog before school…

Here will be my summary of this past summer…
Going into the summer, at the end of grade 8, i thought that this summer was going to be the best summer of my life… i said that it would definitely be interesting… it was supposed to be awesome, and it started on a high note… wonderland with tesonz and holly and nicole was awesome, and going with other people was also awesome… The family picnic with tesonz and consentino was awesome times… I met Alice and Vic… and with everything else that happened,  july definitely met my expectations of being interesting and awesome, though the beginning was a little shaky… and then i dont know what happened, but august was pretty shitty… the only fun that i had was at the green day concert, which kicked ass… then cuba was boring hell, and after that i spent most of the summer bored, sitting at the computer, waiting for something, ANYTHING, exciting to happen… so much more was supposed to happen this summer… it was PROMISED to have happened… but it didnt… and maybe thats my fault because i did nothing to try and make those things happen… or maybe fate wasnt on my side… but either way… this summer was supposed to be interesting and awesome… the best summer yet… but it fell short in many ways… there was so much more that i had to do… that i was SUPPOSED to do… that i didnt get off my ass and do… and for that, i wish i could do this summer over… but i cant…
it should’ve  been better… I could’ve done better, i really could have… congratulations to everyone who did…